Hands-On: Pure Adds Bluetooth Caskeid Feature
The new update allows Jongo users to stream any music or radio app via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
Pure Audio’s Jongo lineup.
June 05, 2014 by Rachel Cericola

Last year, we played around with Pure Jongo, a new line of wireless speakers. The hook on the Jongo is that it can work alone or in conjunction with your Wi-Fi setup to create a multiroom music system with as many as 20 speakers. Of course, it also has its own app and streaming music service.

This speaker line really isn’t doing anything new, as far as the category is concerned. However, it’s a cute little option that works as advertised. Now, the company is hoping to become a bigger player in the market with a newly added feature. Today, Pure announced Bluetooth Caskeid, a licensable technology that can stream any music service using both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It’s also important to note that it was developed by Pure’s parent company, Imagination Technologies.

Yes, the Jongo speakers already had Bluetooth capabilities, but that feature only allowed users to stream to one speaker at a time. If you have 20 speakers hooked up, you probably wouldn’t appreciate that too much. However, Bluetooth Caskeid allows users to connect one Jongo via Bluetooth and stream music to every connected speaker—at least the ones with the Bluetooth Caskeid feature enabled.

You see, when Pure first released the Jongo, the company was also touting the Pure Connect app, which could stream music to all of the connected Jongo speakers through Pure’s own streaming music service.

Pure Connect has can put you in touch with some freebie radio stations. However, unless you’re willing to pay for a monthly subscription (which starts at $4.99 per month), that’s all you could stream. In other words, those having multiple speakers would only be good if you were interested in a paid service or web radio. Of course, with so many free options out there, it makes sense that Pure would want to adapt. Thankfully, they’ve done that pretty easily.

If you currently have Jongo speakers, they will need a software update. This can be done instantly over your home’s Wi-Fi network, in conjunction with the Pure Connect app. Whether you have the speakers currently set up or are connecting them for the first time, the app is here to prompt you into the update. One of my speakers was a bit fussy and needed a manual update, which basically involved downloading the software to a USB stick and plugging that into the back of the speaker. Yes, I had to actually move my hands!

To enable Bluetooth Caskeid, just toggle the switch on each speaker inside the Pure Connect app. (And don’t ask me why it’s suggesting Miley Cyrus!)

During the update, each speaker’s power button will cycle through red, yellow and green colors until complete. Once it’s finished, the power button will turn a solid green. After each speaker is up to date on software, you’re going to need to enable the Bluetooth Caskeid feature on each speaker. This is done easily inside the app. Just find each speaker under the Settings toggle, and click the little “Bluetooth Caskeid” box. (See the image above.) Finally, you will need to enable Bluetooth on your device of choice and pair it with one of the Jongo speakers—but only one.

After going through all of the updates and downloads, both my iPad and my iPhone would not connect to the speakers through Bluetooth. Why? Well, technology can be annoying sometimes. I have several other Bluetooth speakers and all of those were connecting just fine. However, instead of pulling my hair out, I deleted the Jongo speakers off my iPad and re-paired them. The problem was magically solved and I was streaming Spotify seconds later.

Despite a few hoops, this is a huge update for Pure—and one that was sorely needed. As I said in my review, Jongo is a nice little collection of products. However, most people don’t want to be tethered to a paid service, let alone limited to just one service. The Bluetooth Caskeid option allows users to stream a lot more music to a lot more Jongo speakers—which should translate into a lot more sales of Jongo speakers.

Bluetooth Caskeid is currently available to both Android and iOS users with the Pure Connect app. Pure is currently selling several Jongo speakers, as well as the A2 Wireless Hi-Fi Adapter for streaming music to your home theater setup. To find out more about each product and pricing information, check out the Pure website.

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