Handheld Translator Breaks Language Barrier
Sharp's prototype device translates on the fly between Japanese and English.
October 10, 2006 by Mac Slocum

Ever wonder how Han Solo could understand Chewbacca? Now we know. Han had Sharp’s prototype translator tucked in his pocket (I always wondered why he wore that vest).

Sharp’s as-yet-unnamed handheld device can translate English into Japanese and Japanese into English. All you need to do is speak into the device and a few seconds later it reveals a text-based translation on its monochrome touchscreen. Text can also be croaked out by a computerized voice.

Unfortunately, TWICE says the translator’s pricing and release schedule haven’t been determined.

  • Picture available at Engadget
  • Prototype handheld translates between Japanese and English.
  • Translations displayed on-screen and read by computerized voice.
  • Pricing and availability not released.
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