HAI Snap-Link Now for Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire now is a great touch controller
June 11, 2012 by Grant Clauser

Android users—particularly Kindle Fire users, sometimes feel a bit left out of the home automation loop. Every company has an iOS app, and iPads seem to be the default controller these days for automation and home theater systems. Now HAI has released an app, called Snap-Link for Kindle, that works with HAI’s system.

Snap-Link had previously been released for iOS and for Android (via Google’s Play app store). By releasing an Android Kindle Fire version, distributed via Amazon, HAI has potentially opened up it’s market to many more users—users that probably don’t already own iPads. The $200 price of the Kindle Fire makes it one of the least expensive touchpanel controllers on the market.

While this is significant for HAI, it’s also significant Kindle. The Kindle is marketed primarily as a device to consume content sold by Amazon, and many of the popular Android apps don’t world on the Android Kindle. With the release of the Snap-Link for Kindle, the device starts looking and acting more like a traditional tablet, rather than just a glorified e-reader.

So what can the Snap-Link for Kindle do? Users can use the app to access their surveillance cameras, adjust home lights, turn up the air conditioning, close the drapes—-anything that’s connected to an HAI system can be operated with the app. Users can also access multiple locations, such as a vacation home.

A version of the app is available for other Android devices, not just the Kindle, and HAI says it’s “functionally equivalent”. Users of HAI Omni or Lumina systems can purchase the app for $49.

The video below shows some of the uses of the Kindle Snap-Link app.

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Grant Clauser - Technology and Web Editor, Electronic House
Grant Clauser has been covering home electronics for more than 10 years with editorial roles in several consumer and trade magazines. He's done ISF-level damage to hundreds of reviewed products and has had training from THX, the Home Acoustics Alliance, Control4 and Sencore. His latest book is Necessary Myths. Follow him on Twitter @geclauser.

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