Get Your Games Organized
Video game gear out of control? Try these nifty storage solutions.
Centipede Game Storage and TV Stand
December 08, 2010 by Lisa Montgomery

Every year for Christmas my now 12-year-old son, Matt, begs for a new video game system or some sort of expensive accessory. A couple of years ago, it was the Wii console. The next year we added two guitars to the setup. Last year, my husband bought me a balance board for Wii Fit. At some point a used PS2 weasled its way into our collection of gaming paraphernalia. But wait. I’m not finished … not by a long shot. According to Matt, you’re a big middle school loser if you don’t have Xbox 360. This time, instead of putting it on his Christmas list, he bought a console with his own hard-earned cash. It’s in our rec room now, waiting patiently for some cool games to accompany it (Matt didn’t have enough saved up for software).

On any given day, you can step into the rec room, lift a cushion from the couch and find a misplaced controller. You also have to be very, very careful of where you step. Neither Matt nor his sister a good picker-uppers so there’s usually a few pieces of hardware scattered on the floor around the big screen.

I can’t say I blame the kids completely, though. Our storage system … pardon my French… sucks. That orange plastic tote I bought way back when worked when we only had a few discs and controllers. But we’ve completely outgrown it. Today, it’s better off used as a trash bin for the popcorn, candy wrappers and soda cans that litter the room after a weekend gaming session. With no room in the orange tote, the gaming gadgets get tossed on the top of our old, yet still reliable rear-projection Mitsubishi TV or stuffed into a shelf next to the Jose Cuervo behind the bar.

There’s got to be a better way—and there is. During a recent web search I found a few clever video game storage systems that can handle a huge assortment of gadgets. Some of niftiest I found come from a company called LevelUp and Atlantic.

Rock Band Ottoman  $179.99
Constructed of solid wood and a leather-like exterior, the inside of the ottoman features fitted drumstick loops, side accessory pockets and Velcro guitar loops. Levelupgear


Wii Aperture  $69.99
This tower keeps all your Wii gear neatly organized; includes a controller dock, guitar hooks, ribbed shelves for games and a console storage bay. Levelupgear

PlayStation Versus Game Tray  $19.99
A smaller-sized storage solution, this tray can be placed inside a drawer or closet or placed on a table. Levelupgear


Xbox Zig-Zag  $69.99
Designed specifically for Xbox gear, it can hold controllers, guitars, games and a 360 console. Levelupgear

Centipede Game Storage and TV Stand, $74.99
This solution caters to any type of gaming system, plus you can fit a 32-inch flat-panel TV on top, making it an all-in-one entertainment system. Atlantic

Gamekeeper Wire 4 Tier Tower
If you play all types of systems, his shelving unit can accommodate up to three different gaming consoles, and has specially designed hooks for the controllers. Atlantic


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Lisa Montgomery - Contributing Writer
Lisa Montgomery has been writing about home technology for 15 years, with a focus on the impact of electronics on a modern lifestyle.

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