Gaming Industry Addresses High Cost of 3D Entry
Gamers have a big hardware requirement hurdle to overcome before taking on the nice amount of games already 3D ready.
April 28, 2010 by Stephen Hopkins

It’s easy and inexpensive for 3D moviegoers to enjoy a 3D film. Buy ticket, put on glasses, sit back, enjoy. 

Gamers, on the other hand, have a high hardware requirement hurdle to bound before the action flies from their PC monitor. Capable graphics cards, monitors, and glasses are all on the list and the dollars add up quickly.

But the Los Angeles Times reports that gaming developers, executives, and 3D advocates are meeting at the first 3D Gaming Summit to address just this type of concern. Phil Eisler, general manager of Nvidia’s 3D Vision, thinks education is the first step to consumer acceptance. 

“We’ve got to tell people about it. Hollywood has done a fantastic job of educating consumers and marketing to them about the wonderful experience in the theater. We need to tell consumers about the wonderful experience that games are in 3D.”

Unlike films, which are expensive to shoot in native 3D and time consuming to convert, 3D PC games are a simple conversion since most are fully rendered 3D worlds to begin with. All that’s necessary is the right hardware. Part of that hardware requirement, however, is glasses which many still find bothersome. Some, though, have no problems with 3D gaming.

“People are going to want 3D in their homes. I think 3D is going to become ubiquitous,” says Jon Landau, producer of Avatar. 

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Stephen Hopkins is chief technology editor for EH Publishing. He writes product reviews, features, and focuses heavily on 3D TV, iPhone and iPad apps, and digital content.

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