Free Blu-ray Players Boosted Numbers
NPD spills the real deal on their report, and Toshiba talks about its disappointing sales numbers.
January 25, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

Tech sites turned into battlegrounds again this week, when stats from an NPD report about Blu-ray sales were made public—and weren’t supposed to be. Now NPD is speaking out.

Although the report was not ready for release, it stated (via BetaNews) that Blu-ray sales accounted for 93 percent of the high-def market during the week of January 12. NPD doesn’t say that the numbers are false, but admits that one week’s sales are hardly a long-term indicator.

They also said that deals that bundled free Blu-ray players with TVs had a lot to do with the jump for Blu-ray. Sharp and Panasonic both had offers; Sony alone offered $400 off the two together.

NPD chose not to get specific about the HD DVD drop, but Toshiba had something to say. The manufacturer agreed with NPD about long-term sales and cited rebate promotions as a factor for the fall. However, they also see a bright side. “Since Toshiba’s retail price move on Jan. 13th to $149/$199 – we are seeing very positive sales results at retail,” Jodi Sally, Toshiba Digital A/V Group marketing VP, told Twice. “All of our consumer research and our experience indicates that retail price is the primary motivating factor in consumers’ purchasing habits and we are confident that Toshiba’s HD DVD players represent a significant value to the consumer.”

According to NPD, the report did not include sales from Xbox or PS3 sales, as well as online sales from retailers such as Amazon, where the Toshiba HD-A3 holds the number one slot.

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