Francis Ford Coppola: 3D is ‘Tiresome’
Oscar-winning director says 3D does not enhance movies and that 3D glasses will hurt technology's popularity.
Oscar-winning director Francis Ford Coppola says he doesn’t “want to watch a movie with [3D] glasses. It’s tiresome.”
May 11, 2010 by Jason Knott

That enthusiasm for digital technology is one reason Coppola is collaborating with SIM2. Coppola says he researched all the digital projectors on the market and sought out a relationship with SIM2.

Coppola has used SIM2 projectors in his post-production facility for the past two years. Together with his engineering team, Coppola assisted SIM2 in developing solutions that bring together the specific technologies needed by Hollywood producers - SIM2 projectors now reproduce all the essential frame rates used in production and post-production processes.

“This [SIM2] is the one I wanted. I say this about SIM2 because I believe it. I have sincere admiration for the company and the projector. The bright, crisp image is ideal for working on digital films and for really beautiful projection,” he says. “SIM2 paid me nothing. There were no agents [used to establish the relationship]. I sought them out. I flew to Pordenone, Italy (SIM2’s headquarters location).”

Coppola pinpoints the Texas Instruments DLP chip as the “basis for the digital revolution in filmmaking. It emulates the powerful beam of light that goes through a piece of photochemical film.”

SIM2 has announced a marketing campaign that includes advertisements, point of sale materials and brochures using Coppola.

“SIM2 is committed to achieving a sustainable society, continuously striving to reduce the effects on the environment by developing environmentally-compatible products and processes,” says Maurizio Cini, president of SIM2 Multimedia. “It was very important to us that, in such a monumental campaign, we stayed true to these values.”

OLED is the Future
Coppola believes OLED technology is the wave of the future for displays. But he still favors plasma over LCD flat panels. In his Napa home, he has a large Panasonic plasma.

“For the last few years, I always thought that plasma TVs were more beautiful than LCDs,” he says. “I recently bought an LCD because plasma has difficulties and eats a lot of power, but I don’t feel that the new LCDs look as good as a plasma does.”

“The technology that everyone is interested in is OLED. Right now you can see small versions and the picture looks amazing. I heard that the 20-inch ones will soon be out and people are talking about 30+ inch units. I don’t know. But it looks like OLED is going to be the way its going to be, for iPhones and other devices. I know the screen on the iPad is amazing and that is not even OLED,” he adds.

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