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This house has a lot of just about everything.
A Crestron touchpanel controls everything with ease, and dual THX in-wall subwoofers bolster the bass from a front-mounted dual 12-inch THX subwoofer. Photo by Michael Neveux.
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May 01, 2006 by EH Staff

It may be best to describe this Southern California house by what it doesn’t have. It doesn’t have a Hubble space telescope, for one thing. And we don’t think it has one of those 60-mile particle accelerators—though we can’t be too sure. But this house has just about everything else. n It has a killer home theater with a 110-inch Stewart screen, a high-end Runco DLP projector and great sound from Meridian and M&K amps and Von Schweikert speakers. The theater also boasts a fiber-optic star ceiling, including two shooting stars. The side speakers are even housed in columns with backlit mica panels so they appear to glow.

The house has an “ESPN” room with four high-def plasma screens and four TiVo digital video recorders, each of which can show footage on any of the TVs. Each of the family’s four boys has his own bedroom TV with its own TiVo, and there’s a teen room with another entertainment system.

The master bedroom has its own surround-sound system, motorized blinds and draperies, and the master bath has a 13-inch LCD TV mounted behind glass in the shower, with a control keypad for selecting TV and music. Pressure sensors under the carpet trigger the bathroom and hallway lights to emit a soft glow when activated at night.

Outside is an “ESPN patio” with three TVs—and beyond that, a pool and loggia area, a spa, outdoor kitchen and barbecue, putting green, bandstand, tennis court, gazebo, a greenhouse, stream and reflecting pond, all linked by a golf cart path and sound from numerous outdoor speakers.

The property has a Crestron whole-house control system with numerous touchscreens and in-wall controls. It has a Vantage Controls whole-house lighting system and Sonance audio system for easy operation of an AudioReQuest music server, three Sirius satellite radio tuners, DirecTV receivers, FM radio and iPods.

Several housewide scenes, such as good morning, good night, entertain and vacation, are available throughout the automation system with just the press of a button,. “The homeowner wanted everything [to be] easy to operate,” says Josh Christian of Studio City, CA based electronics installer DSI Entertain-ment Systems. “Complicated user interfaces were not allowed. He was very concerned that his family and friends wouldn’t be able to operate any of the electronic systems if they were too complicated.”

So is there a time when friends can’t operate the systems? When the house is in party mode and guests are milling about, you need a four-digit PIN to operate the Crestron panels. They probably can’t control any space telescopes, either.

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    Housewide System:
  • Vantage Q-System
  • Crestron home control system
  • DirecTV D-10 satellite receiver
  • ReQuest Multimedia Fusion Pro 160 CD server
  • Marantz CC4300 CD changer
  • Crestron C2N-TFM FM tuner
  • Crestron C2N-TAMWX AM/weather tuner
  • Antex SRX-3 Triple Play Sirius tuner
  • Richard Gray 1200 power conditioner
  • Furman Elite-15 power conditioners
  • Sonance Sonamp1250RMF 12-channel amplifiers
  • Crestron CNX-PVID8X3 video switcher
  • Crestron CHV-TSTAT thermostats
  • Crestron CHV-RTS remote temperature sensors
  • Dedicated Micros 9-channel digital recorder
  • Middle Atlantic racks
  • Theater:
  • Runco VX-5000D DLP projector
  • Stewart Filmscreen 120-inch screen
  • Meridian G68XXV digital preamp
  • Meridian G-57 2-channel amplifiers
  • M&K S150PTHX bi-amplified monitors
  • Von Schweikert TS-150 surround speakers
  • M&K MX-350 subwoofers
  • Marantz DV9500 DVD player
  • DirecTV HR10-250 HD-TiVo
  • Marantz MV8300 D-VHS player
  • Richard Gray 240v substation
  • Richard Gray 1200 power conditioner
  • Richard Gray 400 power conditioner
  • Furman Elite-15 power conditioner
  • Crestron TPMC-10 wireless touchpanel with dock
  • ESPN Room:
  • Middle Atlantic racks
  • Runco PL-61DHD plasma monitor
  • Runco PL-43DHD plasma monitors
  • AutoPatch Precis matrix switcher
  • Sonance 831DR in-ceiling speakers
  • Sunfire Signature subwoofers
  • Marantz SR8500 A/V receiver
  • Marantz DV6500 DVD player
  • Marantz MV8300 D-VHS player
  • DirecTV HR10-250 HD TiVo
  • Richard Gray 600 power conditioner
  • Furman Elite-15 power conditioner
  • Crestron TPS-5000L in-wall touchpanel
  • Crestron MT-1000c wireless touchpanel
  • Family Room:
  • Mitsubishi WD-62525 62-inch DLP RPTV
  • Marantz SR8500 A/V receiver
  • DirecTV HR10-250 HD TiVo
  • Marantz MV8300 D-VHS player
  • Marantz DV6500 DVD player
  • M&K S150THX main-channel speakers
  • M&K LCR851 center-channel speaker
  • Sonance RS2 in-ceiling surround-sound speakers
  • Sonance Cinema Select surround-sound speakers
  • M&K MX350 subwoofer
  • Sonance Cinema in-wall subwoofer system
  • Richard Gray 600 power conditioner
  • Crestron TPMC-10 wireless touchpanel with dock
  • Crestron TPS-2000L in-wall touchpanel
  • Crestron CP2E processor with Ethernet
  • Master Bedroom:
  • Middle Atlantic rack
  • Runco PL-50DHD plasma monitor
  • Sonance Ellipse 1.0 in-ceiling speakers
  • Sonance Ellipse surround-sound in-ceiling speakers
  • M&K MX700 subwoofer
  • Marantz SR8500 A/V receiver
  • Marantz DV6500 DVD player
  • DirecTV HR10-250 HD TiVo
  • Marantz CC4300 CD changer
  • Richard Gray 600 power conditioner
  • Crestron MC2E processor with Ethernet
  • Crestron MT-500c wireless touchpanel
  • Crestron TPS-5000 touchpanel
  • Crestron CT-1000 in-wall touchpanel
  • Middle Atlantic racks
  • Master Bathroom:
  • Sharp LC-20S1UB 20-inch LCD TV
  • Sonance S623TR in-ceiling speakers
  • DirecTV D-10 satellite receiver
  • Marantz DV4500 DVD player
  • Crestron CT-1000 in-wall touchpanel
  • Sharp LC-13S1UB 13-inch LCD TV
  • Sonance XTR Xtreme Weather in-ceiling speaker

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