Emberlight Turns Any Bulb into a Smart Light
The adapter provides remote control over any incandescent, halogen, dimmable CFL and dimmable LED bulbs.
July 23, 2014 by Rachel Cericola

We’ve seen a lot of automated lights and smart bulbs, but what can you do if you don’t want to replace everything you already own? There’s always emberlight.

Emberlight allows you to control any existing dimmable bulb, using your Wi-Fi network and a smartphone app. The actual emberlight product looks like the bottom half of a light bulb and screws in just like a light bulb. From there, you’ll screw your old bulb into the emberlight.

Once everything is installed, the connected bulbs will sync up via the emberlight app. That app also allows you to set timers or have lights get triggered using the device’s internal proximity sensor. The app can even keep tabs on your location and have the lights go on when you get home.

Emberlight also offers dimming features, notification alerts, and mood lighting at the touch of a button.

Also important to know is that emberlight is scalable. One master unit has both Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi. From there, it can connect to additional emberlight-enhanced bulbs using Bluetooth. According to the company, each emberlight pack comes with a master unit. No hub is required.

Currently, the makers of emberlight are trying to bring the product to market through a Kickstarter campaign. If the company hits its $50,000 goal by Friday, September 5, 2014, emberlight is expected to ship out to backers by February 2015.

To be one of the first to score the emberlight, you’ll need to pledge a minimum of $49. That will get you started with one emberlight. If you’re looking for more than one, other pledge options and rewards are also available. 

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Rachel Cericola - Contributing Writer
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Posted by Mike Tiesse  on  07/28/14  at  06:55 PM

Captain Nemo,
If you’re a start-up and don’t have a lot of capital behind you, but you do have a great idea, why not use Kickstarter? I think most people understand this premise.  Obviously you don’t.

Posted by Captain Nemo  on  07/28/14  at  12:20 PM

If emberlight were confident of thier product they would not need pledgers. Also makes the company look financially unstable. Why would anyone help fund a company. You won’t own shares all you will own is a light bulb adapter.

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