Elan g! System Ensures Smooth Cruising for a High-Tech Houseboat
An Arkansas family's houseboat redefines the family vacation.
The owners use iPads to control things like lighting and music throughout their 170 foot boat
August 01, 2011 by Zachary Worden

Family vacations are supposed to be relaxing. In reality, they rarely are: the kids wander, planning family meals is futile, and if the weather isn’t picture-perfect, everyone is crammed inside, bored and with “nothing to do.” Fortunately for the owners of this 170-foot long by 20-foot wide houseboat, an Elan g! system relieve some of the stress. 


Tim and Stephanie Bearden can use their iPhones or iPads while relaxing on deck to view a camera aimed at their sleeping child down below. And if the weather doesn’t cooperate, there’s a plethora of music and video to enjoy. Ten Klipsch AW-650 outdoor and twenty-one Klipsch CDT-5800C and CDT-2650C in-ceiling speakers broadcast music from a Vudu Box, AM/FM Tuner, iPod dock, and Blu-ray players, all of which were tucked safely away by the custom electronics (CE) pros at Sound Concepts, Jonesboro, Ark., in a space specifically constructed for the boat’s equipment racks. All of the wiring that distributes audio and video to speakers seven Samsung LED TVs (they range in size from a 55 incher on the rear deck to a 19-inch unit tucked in a small cubby) was installed during the boat’s construction. The Elan g! touchpad, which was installed into the wall of the kitchen, doubles as a TV screen and a monitor for the surveillance cameras strategically positioned on the houseboat.

Most of the time, though, the eight TS2 touchpads serve as convenient control devices for the houseboat’s A/V components and lighting. From any touchpad Tim and Stephanie can prepare the boat for an evening cruise by choosing a song to play through the exterior speakers and activating the deck lights. Particularly handy is the g! iPad app. While on their way to the boat, the Beardens can get the lights and music ready for their arrival by touching a few buttons on their iPad. And should they forget to turn anything off, they can sweep through the boat remotely via iPad.

Go to the slideshow for more pictures and information on the high-tech house boat.

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