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DVR (Not the iPhone) is Product of the Decade
Here are some reasons why DVR is the best product of the last 10 years.
December 31, 2009 by Jason Knott

There were a lot of cool products introduced in the past decade. But the DVR has had the most impact of any gadget introduced in the past 10 years.

It has totally changed the way we watch TV.

Apple fanboys will think I am crazy for not selecting the iPod or the iPhone. So here 3 reasons why DVR is the technology of the decade.

Overall Impact. TiVo has made an impact on TV programming in general. It has given rise, once again, to primetime TV dramas that you no longer have to worry about missing. Shows like “24” and “Lost” would have been canceled quickly in the pre-TiVo world.

You could argue that the iPod gave boosted the release music “singles” and spawned a new generation of music appreciation (among the Britney Spears generation). Edge: DVR

Interface/Convenience. TiVos are user-friendly and are leaps ahead of VCRs. Remember when they came out with those extended code numbers you could use to record TV programs. My God, what engineer thought of that?!

The iPhone interface is cool. It actually takes more gestures and presses to make a phone call than with a conventional cell phone. Edge: iPhone/iPod

Time Savings. The most important thing about DVR is that it saves me time. I don’t watch commercials anymore and can get through a TV program in one-third the time.

With the iPod, I actually spend more time downloading, creating playlists, and fumbling with those stupid earbuds. Edge: DVR

What do you think? Am I crazy?

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