Dream Home Features Megawatt Theater
A 8,000-watt home theater, multi-room A/V, and personalized control for each family member make this house an entertainment dream.
Megawatt Theater
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July 03, 2008 by Rebecca Day

The Sound Room simplified this complex programming feat into a menu-based series of screens for the parents and kids. “Who are you?” greets family members when they wake up any of a dozen Crestron touchscreens. After tapping their name, family members go into a section of pages customized to them and make music or video selections from there.

The tailored video has emerged as the homeowner’s favorite part of the electronics package. “You can access DVDs from any room, and I really like that,” he says, adding that it comes in handy when they begin a movie in the hearth room and want to finish it in the bedroom before dozing off. The DirecTV DVRs add their own level of customization, and are simple to access via Crestron touchpanels. “We can log on anywhere in the house and we acquire our own DVR, our own recordings, and our own favorite lists,” he says. “It’s pretty cool.”

A system of this size requires a well thought-out arsenal of equipment, and The Sound Room neatly organized the racks of gear inside a room behind the theater. The room is cooled by a dedicated HVAC unit with vents beneath each rack of equipment that create a cold air return from the furnace. “We designed a raised floor to create a chimney effect so that the room remains at a constant 60 degrees,” Cole says.

The Sound Room held programming meetings with the clients to let them know what was possible and then experimented with various macros for each room. “We put up paper templates for every keypad in the house,” says Cole, “and then had them walk around to see if they liked the lighting layout. When they wanted something changed, they wrote it down and we reprogrammed. When they were happy with the scenes, we had the lighting keypads engraved.”

Lighting scenes are nice when it comes to setting the mood in the dining room or creating a pathway to the kids’ rooms at night. However, in a 17,000-square-foot house, you want to be able to conserve energy—your own as well as what you buy from the utility company. “I love being able to hit one button next to my bed, and know that it’ll turn off every light in the house—along with the TV in my son’s room,” says the owner. “That saves me from having to go all over the house.”

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Equipment List

Displays and Projector
Runco VX-44D CineWide Projector
Stewart Filmscreen CineWide Microperf Screen
Pioneer Pro FHD-1 50-inch Plasma TVs (6)
Pioneer PDP-5016 50-inch Plasma TV
Runco CR-32HDi 32-inch LCD TVs (2)
Runco CR-26HD 26-inch TVs (2)
Mitsubishi WD65831 65-inch DLP TV

Audio/Video Components
Kaleidescape Movie Players (7)
DirecTV HR20 HD Satellite DVRs (6)
Classe CA-M400 Power Amplifiers (14)
Rotel RB-1091 Subwoofer Amplifiers (5)
Lexicon RT-20 Progressive-scan DVD Player
Extron MAV 32-source 48-zone Preamp
Crestron CNAMPX 16x60 16-channel Multizone Amplifier
Classe SSP-300 Surround Processor w/ RS-232 Control
Rotel RMB-1077 5-channel Surround-sound Amplifiers (2)
Rotel RKB-2100 2-channel Distribution Amplifier
Marantz SR7001 Receiver

B&W Custom Theater CT8 Speakers (3)
B&W CT8 Custom Theater DS Surround Speakers (4)
B&W CT8 SW Custom Theater Subwoofers (5)
B&W CWM 800 Speakers (1 pair)
B&W FPM 6 LCR Wall Theater System (3)
B&W CWM 800 Subwoofer
B&W FPM2 Flat-panel Monitor Speakers (3 pairs)
B&W CCM 80 In-ceiling Speakers (32 pairs)
B&W CCM DVC In-ceiling Speakers (1 pair)
B&W CWM 8180 3-way In-wall Speakers (1 pair)
B&W 805 Bookshelf Speakers (1 pair)
B&W FPM5 Flat-panel Monitor Speakers (1 pair)
B&W CWM 650 Speakers (1 pair)
B&W ASW Subwoofer
Velodyne Subwoofer

Control and Communications
Crestron PRO2 System Control Processor
Crestron TPMC-8X Wireless Touchscreens (2)
Crestron TPMC-4 Handheld Remote Controls (13)
Crestron TPS-4000L Lectern Touchpanels (4)
Crestron CNX-B12 Hard-button Keypads (53)
Crestron WPR-48 Waterproof Remote Control
Crestron TPS-3100L Lectern Touchpanels (4)
Crestron C2N-IADS Intercom Audio Distribution System
Elan Z-600 Communications Controller

Crestron PAC2 Control Processors (2)
Crestron CLW-DIMW In-wall Dimmers (15)
Crestron CLW-SWW In-wall Switches (6)

GE Security Advent Processor Panel

VisionArt Systems (2)
Richard Gray PowerHouse Surge Suppressors (3)
Active Thermal Management Cool-It II Projector Fan System
D-Box Motion Simulator Seating (9)
AudioQuest Cables

System Design and Installation
The Sound Room
Chesterfield, MO

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