Does Your iPad Have iBallz?
This versatile iPad accessory will keep your device from damage when you drop it, and also can give a lift if you're using it on a desktop.
October 15, 2010 by Arlen Schweiger

Here’s one we somehow overlooked when rounding up 10 Weird iPad Accessories: iBallz.

But I have to give a shout out to inventor Derek Michael for sending me the link to his iPad accessory. The iBallz (get your mind out of the gutter—if you say it out loud and see what they look like, it’s clearly a play on “eyeballs”) is a “one size fits all” stabilizing and shock absorbing harness that fits around your Apple device.

Because the balls cover only the corners of the iPad, they don’t impede device buttons or adapters or the viewing surface. An elastic string stretches along the sides, and helps with the shock absorption—have you dropped your iPad yet?

The company says, especially considering all the testing it has done, that it’s dropped its iPads “literally thousands of times” and yet they still function as well as they day they were purchased.

Do they look geeky? Sure. iBallz even says “we’re the first ones to admit that it isn’t the sleekest accessory out there,” but we’re guessing your iPad won’t mind the next time your toddler rips it from your hands and tosses it to the ground.

Apparently the iBallz mold around the corners after a few hours of use. One of the four balls includes a notch so there’s still ample access to the power button.

Hey, for $20, we’ve seen much worse out there. Plus you can always use iBallz as a good conversation starter when you’re hanging out at Barnes and Noble on a Friday night sipping Starbucks and pretending you have important things to browse on your iPad. Chicks dig the iBallz—just check out the company’s promo video below:


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