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Does CBS Block Your DVR?
Some viewers claim that "The Eye" network is keeping an eye on you -- and a tight grip on it content.
The tribe has spoken: Some viewers are having problems recording “Survivor” on CBS. Photo: © 2007 CBS/Jeffrey R. Staab.
April 16, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

The guys over at Sound & Vision say that CBS is blocking them from recording favorite shows.

Writer John Sciacca says that his digital video recorder sometimes even plays tricks, showing the record light. Then when he goes back to watch his beloved “Survivor,” it’s not on his DVR. The network has spoken—well not really.

Gizmodo put in a call to the network and they are working to fix the mystery problem. A quick web search also found that Sciacca isn’t the only one being cut off from the Tribal Council. There are plenty of viewers commiserating online about missing out on their favorite program. Even more bizarre, the problem is not limited to one type of DVR.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t blame the glitches on the poor performance of “Secret Talents of the Stars.”

Sure, I’ve missed the last minute of “The Office” and a few other shows, but I’ve learned to schedule my recordings to go an extra five minutes. Annoying? You bet. However, I never have to worry about missing that pivotal moment of “Lost” again.

The problem is supposedly not universal, which makes it more puzzling. Not sure if it’s Sciacca’s equipment, a random glitch or CBS and its evil “eye.” There’s nothing on CBS that I want to record—bring back “Murder She Wrote!”

Have you experienced such problems? Miss out on a massive cliffhanger? Drop me a comment below.

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