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If you're going to install an indoor pool, why not add in some A/V, cool lighting and control options?
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July 13, 2010 by Lisa Montgomery

There’s more to do in a pool house than swim. The owners of these two all-season structures can watch movies, listen to music, or just float around the fountains and waterfalls that spill into their heated pools.

There’s no need to carry in a disc or boombox. Each pool house is tied to an audio and video distribution system, which can be accessed and controlled from a single Control4 touchpanel. The panel also lets the owners operate the lights, water features, heating and cooling and security.

For the project pictured most prominently (click here to view additional photos), the custom electronics pros (CE pros) at simpleHome in Westborough, Mass., designed a separate control page for each system. From the main menu on the natatorium screen, the family simply picks a page, like POOL AND SPA, and the appropriate control options appear.

Other pages provide access to two Sony ES 400-disc DVD changers located in the main house and a local iPod docking station. The family can choose a different movie for each of the pool house’s 50-inch plasma TVs or have the same show play on both. Each TV is attached to an articulating wall mount at opposite ends of the building, and is viewable from either the pool or the sitting area.

Hearing music involves sliding an iPod touch or iPhone into a tabletop docking station. Or the family can go to the touchpanel to choose FM, XM or Rhapsody. The tunes are piped to numerous loudspeakers by the swimming pool, in the atrium, and the courtyard between the original house and newly built structure.

The owners of the pool house pictured in the last two slides of the slideshow have plenty of audio/video choices, too, but they took video to the next level by incorporating a projector into the space. There’s no screen; instead, images from the BenQ projector are displayed on a wall. According to CE pro Mike Fallert from The Sound Shop in Colorado Springs, Colo., the cream-colored wall serves well.

“It’s a big enough area to accommodate a 130-inch picture and doesn’t interfere with the interior design like a standalone screen could have.”

An automated pool cover contributes to the viewing experience. The owners only open it to swim—by pressing a button on a Control4 remote, keypad or touchpanel. It usually remains closed to prevent the room from becoming too humid and the projector lens from fogging up.

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Lisa Montgomery - Contributing Writer
Lisa Montgomery has been writing about home technology for 15 years, with a focus on the impact of electronics on a modern lifestyle.

Systems Design and Installation
Westborough, Mass.

AudioQuest interconnect cables
1 ea APC : S15BLK : Power conditioner with battery backup (UPS)
1 ea Bay Audio : LCR Bar (2 Channel) : 2 Channel Plasma Speaker system
1 ea Chief : PDR-UB : Articulating arm - swing
1 ea Control4 : AC-NWB3.8-G : New construction wall box
1 ea Control4 : TSE-3.8C1-A PoE Mini Touch Screen
1 ea Control4 : C4-WBN10 : 10.5” wall box-new construction
1 ea Control4 : C4-HC500-E-B : Home Controller
3 ea Control4 : C4-HC300-E-B : Home controller
1 ea Control4 : C4-TSWM10-E-W (4781) : Ethernet 10.5” wall mount touch panel white
1 ea Control4 : AVM-TUN1X-B : Multi tuner with XM option
2 ea Control4 : AVS-CX777ES-B (4778) : 400 disc DVD changer
1 ea Control4 : C4-CVS12ES-B-A : Sony component video switcher
4 ea Control4 : C4-CVB1-A : Cat5e to component video balun
2 ea Control4 : C4-IPDKTT1-E-B : Control4® Dock for iPod
1 ea Control4 : AVM-16S1-B : Audio matrix switch - 16
8 ea Control4 : LDZ-102-W : Wireless dimmer (white)
1 ea Control4 : LDZ-102P10-A : Wireless dimmer 10-pack Almond
1 ea Control4 : LSZ-102-W : Wireless switch (white)
17 ea Control4 : LSZ-3W1-A : Wireless 2 button keypad (almond)
14 ea Control4 : LSZ-3W1-W : Wireless 2 button keypad (white)
1 ea Control4 : C4-TSWM7-E-B : Ethernet 7” in-wall touch panel
1 ea Control4 : C4-RWB7-P : Retrofit 7” Wall Box-Plastic
26 ea Control4 : LDZ-101-W : Wireless dimmer (white)
21 ea Control4 : LDZ-101-A : Wireless dimmer (almond)
1 ea Control4 : LOZ-5S1-W : Wireless outlet switch
4 ea Control4 : LSZ-101-W : Wireless switch (white)
7 ea Control4 : AC-WP1-A : Wall plate - 1gang almond
15 ea Control4 : AC-WP1-W : Wall plate - 1 gang white
3 ea Control4 : AC-WP2-A : Wall plate 2 gang almond
8 ea Control4 : AC-WP2-W : Wall plate - 2 gang white
2 ea Control4 : AC-WP3-A : Wall plate 3 gang almond
2 ea Control4 : AC-WP3-W : Wall plate 3 gang white
2 ea Control4 : AC-WP4-W : Wall plate 4 gang white
3 ea Control4 : AC-FMTS1-W : Flush mount remote temperature sensor
3 ea Control4 : CCZ-T1-W : Wireless thermostat
DSC security panel integration
Jandy Pool/Spa controller integration
2 ea Klipsch : CDT-3650-C : 6.5” round loudspeaker - arch
1 ea Klipsch : R-2650-CSM : In-ceiling dual 6.5 loudspeaker system
3 ea Klipsch : R-2800-CSM : 8” in-ceiling architectural speaker
2 pr Klipsch : AW-400 : Outdoor loudspeakers
2 pr Klipsch : AW-500 : Outdoor loudspeakers
1 pr Klipsch : IK-650-C : 6.5” in-ceiling bracket
Liberty Cable bulk wire
1 ea Magnum Dynalab : ST2 : FM antenna
1 ea Middle Atlantic : CASTER BASE CBS-ERK-20 : caster base
1 ea Middle Atlantic : ERK-3520-LRD : 19” rack system 35 space
4 ea Middle Atlantic : HBL2 : 2 space blank panel
1 ea Middle Atlantic : MIDPFD40 : 40 Space Plexi Door for ERK Rack System
7 ea Middle Atlantic : RSH-XXX : Custom component rack face & shelf : Black
1 ea Middle Atlantic : TA : 77” trim strip
1 ea Netgear : FS105 : 5 port 10/100 ethernet switch
1 ea Netgear : FVS124G : VPN/router/firewall w/gigabit ethernet
1 ea Netgear : FS105 : 5 port 10/100 ethernet switch
1 ea Netgear : FS524 : 24 port, rack mountable ethernet switch
3 ea Netgear : WG302 : 802.11g wireless access point
1ea Omni Mount : CL-MB : Cantilever mount for medium flat panels
1 ea Omni Mount : UAM : Universal Mounting bracket used with cantilever arms
1 ea Omni Mount : UCL-L B : Universal Cantilever mount Fits 32” - 50” Flat panels
2 ea Panamax : MAX IN-WALL POWER-PRO
1 ea Panasonic : BB-HCM331A : Network camera-outdoor pan/tilt
1 ea Panasonic : BB-HCM531A : Network camera-outdoor pan/tilt
1 ea Panasonic : BLWV10A : TV interface for network cameras
1 ea Panasonic : BB-HCA3A : Network camera power adapter
1 ea Panasonic : TH-50PZ85U : 50” Consumer High Definition Plasma Display
1 ea Panasonic : TH-50PZ77U : 50” Consumer High Definition Plasma Display
1 pr Rockustics : ROCQUETTE : Outdoor speaker
1 ea Sennheiser : HDR-140 : Additional headset for RS140 headphone system
1 ea Sennheiser : RS140 : Wireless headphones
1 ea Sonance : SONAMP 1230 RMF : Rack Mount 12-Channel Amplifier : Black
1 ea Sony : KDL-32XBR6 : 32’’ LCD 1080p display
1 ea Terk : XM-6 : Outdoor XM antenna kit

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