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Dishonorable Mentions: The Worst Products­ of 2008
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September 08, 2008 by EH Staff

Whether it was an action figure whose head popped off after only a few hours of play (I’ll never forgive you He-Man), or a video game so boring (anyone remember Pitfall II for Atari?), it made homework a viable alternative, we’ve all been disappointed with certain toys, games or gadgets at some point in our lives.

Some of the products qualify for our Dishonorable Mentions list simply because they don’t deliver as promised, such as Logitech’s QuickCam Vision Pro and Sega’s Beijing Olympics video game. Others make the list for their absurd pricing (a $499 cable and $16,000 Blu-ray player).

The chance of explosion (iPod Nano) will also get your product a Dishonorable Mention. And then there are the products that we can’t believe actually made it to market (self-destructing DVDs and the giant inflatable iPod dock to name a few).

Have a look at our list and feel free to let us know if any of these products actually have your seal of approval.

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