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Dish & DirecTV to Downgrade HD Offerings
Two satellite providers have been given permission to downconvert high-def signals until 2013.
Satellite services don’t have the bandwidth ready to offer some channels in HD.
March 20, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

The FCC is tough on cable providers. Satellite, however, is another story.

Apparently, DirecTV and Dish Network don’t have the power to provide all local stations in high-def, so the government is giving them a temporary pass. Gizmodo says that just because a channel is available in high-def, they don’t have to deliver.

The FCC had originally told both DirecTV and Dish Network that they would have to provide full HD carriage in 2009. However, they soon changed the plan.

Now, by 2010, both services must offer all channels—“carry one, carry all in HD”—in at least 15 percent of their markets. That number needs to double by the following year and double again the year after that—with 100 percent by 2013. There’s no word on which markets will be the first to get the goods. However, it could spell sadness for rural customers—at least temporarily. Also, just because DirecTV offers one first does not mean that Dish needs to follow suit.

According to Multichannel News, DirecTV and Dish Network serve about 30 million pay-TV subscribers.

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