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DirecTV & Dish to Merge?
Dish says they need "a major strategic shift" -- could that spell togetherness for the two satellite providers?
Dish Network Satellite
Dish Network recently reported a loss of subscribers over Q2 2008.
August 07, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

Apparently some are jealous of the happy ending for Sirius and XM.

DirecTV and Dish Network could be the next to work on what would probably be a long, painful merger.

Apparently, Dish is the one making the moves. Engadget HD says the company lost about 25,000 subscribers in Q2. To who, we don’t know. Now the company says they need to make a “a major strategic shift.” The rumor is that shift would be a merger between the two satellite companies.

It’s not the first time the idea has come up; the two have had some discussions in recent months. There were also rumblings of a merger back in 2001 until regulators blew that idea off the boardroom table. Dish CEO Charlie Ergen thinks the idea might be more appealing a second time around. Why? Analysts from Barron’s don’t think seem to think anything would be different this time around. That seems about right. If there’s any movement at all, expect a bumpy ride. The Sirius/XM deal was a long 18 months.

So as a subscriber, you probably have a lot of time to think about what this means to you—if anything. Sirius/XM subscribers are being offered a la carte channel packages, lower sub prices, and options to mix services. Of course, to take advantage of the latter, you’ll need to upgrade your equipment.

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