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Digital Projection Single-Chip Models, Now with ‘Brilliant Color’
DPI's new iVision 20, iVision 30 and dVision 30 series projectors feature Brilliant Color technology for improved brightness.
DPI projector
Digital Projection’s iVision 30
June 12, 2007 by Arlen Schweiger

Digital Projection International’s (DPI) single-chip DLP projectors recently got an upgrade that consumers will be able to enjoy this month as the projectors begin to be shipped. The company is touting Increases in projector brightness as well as boosts to color performance with the launch of the new iVision 20, iVision 30 and dVision 30 series projectors.

The most prominent of the new product improvements, according to DPI, is the inclusion of Brilliant Color technology from Texas Instruments that expands the color gamut through the addition of cyan, magenta, and yellow color points. By adding cyan, magenta, and yellow segments to the standard RGB color wheel, additional spectral energy from the lamp is captured and leads to increased projector brightness as well as creating a broader range of more saturated colors without sacrificing light output, DPI says.

DPI says it will offer as many as three color wheel configurations for each iVision and dVision projector: The Enhanced Luminance (XL) option will be optimized for maximum brightness; the Enhanced Color (XC) configuration will be optimized for maximum color saturation and gamut; and the Balanced (XB) configuration will provide the best balance between increased brightness and color depth.

The iVision 20, iVision 30 and nearly all dVision series projectors will begin transitioning to Brilliant Color capability in July. Additionally, all of DPI’s new single-chip projectors include ColorMax calibration technology for improved imagery.

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