Design Tip: Ceiling Speakers Best for a Kitchen
Go with round, white, recessed models.
Sonance’s new Visual Performance in-ceiling speaker.
September 05, 2008 by Lisa Montgomery

The best speaker option for most kitchens is a round in-ceiling speaker. Fitted with a white grille, it can blend right in with the kitchen’s recessed light fixtures. Speakers in Sonance’s new line of in-ceiling speakers are even harder to discern. Just 0.20 inches of trim gives the Visual Performance speakers a clean, sleek appearance that befits the modern lines of a kitchen.

Another good choice for a kitchen is a dual-voice coil speaker. This one speaker effectively does the job of two stereo speakers, solving one of the biggest audio challenges in a kitchen. Because people move around a lot in a kitchen, it can be nearly impossible to pin down a spot for the left and right speakers to create a stereo effect. A dual-voice coil speaker produces two channels so that no matter where you stand or sit, you’ll hear balanced stereo sound. Depending on the size and design of your kitchen, you’ll probably want to plant several speakers in the room. Key areas include the breakfast bar, over the skin and stove and around any workstations.

To get music into the kitchen, the speakers will need to be connected to some type of audio distribution system. Many A/V receivers are designed to serve two zones (the family room and kitchen, for example), providing an affordable way to bring music to the kitchen. 

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Lisa Montgomery - Contributing Writer
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