Deal: Sony Blu-ray Movies - up to 41% off
Thankfully, DeepDiscount's Blu-ray sales are becoming a regular thing. This time, all Sony titles are marked down. Deal ends soon.
Sony Blu-ray Movie Deal
April 04, 2008 by Gordon Jones

“Happy Friday” as my co-worker likes to say… and welcome to (yet) another Blu-ray movie deal. The funny(?) thing is I’ve used this “blog” to cover a lot of cool topics - from soundbars to servers, plasmas to PS3s - and yet the deals that seem to really stir you guys up all start with “Blu-ray.” So, to quote BattleStar Galactica’s original (and best) Lt. Starbuck - “If you want to have great success, you’d better give them what they want, but so be it.” (insert cigar here).

That said, today DeepDiscount is offering up to 41% off it’s cache of Sony Blu-ray movies (about 75 in all). Yes, 41% is marketing-speak as they’re comparing to list prices, which is not what you or I would ever pay. Still, most of the titles are down to $17.66 and $23.07 which is not bad in this market.

My pics: The Fifth Element (and not because of Bruce Willis), Big Fish (awesome color saturation), and Sakaguchi’s Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (groundbreaking animation). Be warned, there are plenty of titles that have no right to be on Blu-ray - RV, Hitch, and Ghost Rider (ok, that might be kinda cool).

Sale price: $17.66 - $23.57

Deal ends: 4/5/08

Buy now:

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