Deal: Samsung 61” 1080p Slim DLP - $1349.99
Featuring 1080p, 10k:1 contrast, and a model-thin bezel, Sammy's HL-T6176S is tough to beat when size (and price) matters.
Samsung HL-T6176S
April 14, 2008 by Gordon Jones

As home theater junkies, we tend to be the “go-to guy” when friends, neighbors, and occasionally complete strangers need help choosing a new TV. Invariably, they want the biggest/baddest set their child’s tuition payment can afford, in whatever technology was recently featured in “that Best Buy commercial”. Unfortunately, these conversations tend to go downhill from there.

While EH has published some great tips on choosing the right display technology, optimizing your viewing angle, and even mounting your set over a fireplace (why is that so popular???), one article I’m dying to get live will address room vs screen size. You see, no matter much you want a 70” Grand Wega in your 8x8’ man room, it’s just not a good idea. I know that hurts, but I think you and your chiropractor will agree.

That said, if real estate allows (room > 14’ deep) this Sammy could be a great deal for those friends/neighbors/strangers, or better yet, you! The HL-T6176S uses Texas Instrument’s DLP technology (Digital Light Processing), which, generally speaking, offers great pic quality, good color in bright rooms (got lots of windows?), excellent contrast and no worry of burn or fade. The downside - relatively short bulb lifespan (3-6k hours) and not-so-black blacks. This set has a 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, is full 1080p, includes a Gaming mode for quicker response, and is about as deep as a runway model (on so many levels).

Another big plus for this deal is the almost non-existent bezel, just 0.8” thin, and piano black at that. Nothing irritates me more than a beautiful screen marred by ugly plastic hiding even uglier (and useless) speakers. As for bells and whistles, Samsung touts the display as “3D HD Ready” which means it is/will be compatible with future 3D games, movies and other programming. Glasses not included and don’t hold your breath.

Sale Price: $1349.99 (get another $10 off here)

Deal Ends: n/a

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