Deal: PS3, Blu-ray Remote and Movie - $399.00
Pick up the hottest Blu-ray player out there and get a free movie and remote from Amazon.
PS3, Blu-ray Remote, Blu-ray Movie
May 20, 2008 by Gordon Jones

I’m somewhat confused by the apparent plethora of PS3 owners that have yet to jump onto the Blu-ray thing. I mean c’mon, you have what amounts to be a FREE high-def player just sitting under your TV. I know, you and Niko are busy busting heads, but would it hurt you to hit a BlockBuster and test out an HD flick or two?

Yes, there’s plenty of debate whether our PlayStations are the ideal Blu-ray player (they aren’t) but most admit they’re a good bargain especially if you happen to be into gaming or streaming your PCs content about the house.

If you still haven’t picked up one of these consoles, and the above offerings appeal, then today’s deal might be the final straw. Amazon has bundled the current 40GB model with a Sony Blu-ray remote (value $20) and a truly fantastic movie - assuming Milla Jovovich or (and?) Bruce Willis does it for you. I’m talking about the best movie of 1997 - The Fifth Element.

To get this special pricing, you’ll need to add the following these three steps, the sale price will be reflected in the final checkout page

1) Add Playstation 3 40GB to cart
2) Add Sony Blu-Ray Remote to cart
3) Add The Fifth Element Blu-Ray to cart

Sale price: $399.00

Deal ends: n/a

Buy now:


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