Deal: J&R Blu-ray Sale - $5.99 and up
Another day, another Blu-ray sale, this time from the J&R warehouse.
JR Blu-ray Sale
July 29, 2008 by Gordon Jones

Adopting any technology early has it’s pitfalls - premium prices, flakey hardware, limited content, minimal accessories and of course, the whole future compatibility thing. HD DVD owners got hit by a couple of these issues, as did the Blu-ray camp to some extent. Today, the biggest issues facing the BD crowd seems to be the price of ownership, both for players and the discs they play.

Fortunately, deals on both are forthcoming. Sony and gang promise cheaper hardware by year’s end and mega-shops like J&R are offering ever-growing discounts on many of the titles available.

Today’s deal has discs starting at just $5.99 (the lowest I’ve seen) though obviously, you get what you pay for (Beer League, The Last Sentinel, Final Days of Planet Earth). They have over 300 discs priced between $15 and $20, which according to many surveys is the sweet spot for consumer buying. Another 400 titles are $20 and up, most being recent releases and box office winners. Notable also are the several concert discs available including performances by Elvis Costello, Pat Matheny and Yes.

In all, over 700 movies to choose from, which has to be good for the format (and consumer). Note: some discs have a two-per-customer limit, though why anyone would want two copies of Hitch is beyond me.

Sale price: $5.99 and up

Deal ends: n/a

Buy now:

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