Deal: Blu-ray Movies at Tower - $11.86 and up
Once known for their rows of vinyl (that's records for the under 30), Tower now offers discount Blu-ray movies, albeit with an old school feel.
Blu-ray Movies at Tower
June 18, 2008 by Gordon Jones

If you miss the “good old days” of sifting through racks filled with LPs (or even CDs), hunting for a bargain disc or an elusive track, today’s deal may bring a tear to your eye, and I mean that in both ways.

On the good side, it’s from Tower - one of the bigger shops back in the day - before the Interwebs, clogged tubes and the immediate gratification of click-and-buy. It almost feels good to be giving my money to them again, even if it doesn’t lack that tactile, carry-it-home-in-a-yellow-bag feel.

On the less-pleasant side, they still make you sift through far too many titles (749 to be exact) to find the good Blu-ray bargains. No sort-by-price option… not even an alphabetical list. Like my (your?) typing, it’s all hunt and peck.

I was able to find a few of their cheapest offerings - each just $11.86:
- Blade Runner - Collector’s Edition
- The Fifth Element
- Hellboy
- 300
- Underworld
- Black Hawk Down
- 3:10 to Yuma

There are also many in the $13-16 range, and of course, more in the $20 and up. Alas, no concert jerseys to be found.

Sale price: $11.86

Deal ends: n/a

Buy now:


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