Deal: Blu-ray Movie Sale - as low as $7.99
Sure, the players still cost an arm, but the Blu-ray discs are indeed dropping.
May 06, 2008 by Gordon Jones

Lots of “discussion” lately as to why Blu-ray isn’t taking off the way some predicted/hoped.

Overpriced hardware, questionable economy, global warming… whatever the cause, I’ll tell you one thing, it’s not‘s fault. They’ve had several very enticing sales on Blu-ray titles lately, and this one has placed several titles at new lows.

Over 80 relatively decent movies to choose from including T2, 3:10 to Yuma, all the Rambos, Dawn of the Dead, Lord of War and a couple seasons of Weeds.

One odd thing I’ve noticed in many of these Blu-ray deals is the inordinate amount of slasher flicks (this sale included). I have several theories on this, none with any facts to back them up. Here they are:

One: blood and gore looks great in HD and the movie houses know it.
Two: slasher films cost less to produce and, therefore, are more apt to show up in a deal.
Three: the genre has exploded in the past X years and the number is representative.

Am I missing something? Comment below.

Sale price: start at $7.99 +$1.90 s/h (free on orders $25 and above)

Deal ends: n/a

Buy now:

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