Deal: Best Buy Blu-ray Movies - $10.00 Off
HD DVD is dead, long live Blu-ray. $10 off select titles at Best Buy stores and online.
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February 20, 2008 by Gordon Jones

Odds have it your collection of movies (presumably DVDs) are worth more than the player you put them in. IMHO, that fact didn’t get much play in the recent HD format war discussion. Instead, post after fanboy post argued which format was better using player cost as a major criteria. Obviously, the initial adoption of either system involves a chunk of change, but nothing compared to the long term cost of feeding your movie appetite.

Now that the battle is done (goodbye crazy traffic) I suspect the issue of cost per disc will find it’s place at the table, especially for the next wave of Blu-ray sorta early adopters.

Currently, list price for most titles starts at $24 and goes up to $39 (new releases). Obviously, no one pays that much for the average movie with the exception the occasional must-have (are you listening Joss Whedon?). So what’s your sweet spot? Local news had a man-on-the-street segment where $15 seemed the breaking point for most… assuming they knew Blu-ray wasn’t an energy drink. Oy Veh.

Best Buy is doing their part in easing the transition with a $10 off sale on select Blu-ray titles. No rebate involved, just hard cash thank you. Titles include:

-  X-Men: The Last Stand ($24.99)
-  The Departed ($19.99)
-  GoodFellas ($14.99)
-  Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 2 ($19.99 each)
-  Crimson Tide ($14.99)

Sale price: $10.00 off (plus shipping or in-store)

Deal ends: unknown

Buy now:

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