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Deal: Athena Wall-Mountable Speaker - $89.99
Get your speakers off the floor and up with your new plasma, where they belong.
March 20, 2008 by Gordon Jones

Wall-mounted flatscreens look great. Big floor standing speakers sitting in front them of them don’t. If this hits home, today’s deal is a very cheap fix.

The Athena WS-60 gives you the say on the wall vs. floor debate, it’s flexible. It also can serve as your left/right, rears, or even center. Heck, at this price, buy five, add a cheap sub and your set for a starter home theater.

Each speaker has a multi-transducer arrangement that Athena claims will provide “numerous advantages over traditional designs”. No details after that, but again, these speakers are only $89, so don’t get picky. They have Teteron 1” tweeters while multiple woofers replace the usual one-per arrangement. Four passive radiators also help extend the bass response even lower.

An included wall mounting bracket allows horizontal and vertical alignments, and also serves as a small footprint base. The WS-60 also comes with an attached round table top base for use on your mantle, A/V furniture, or on any flat surface.

This deal is featured on Woot, so don’t be surprised if it sells out fast.

Sale price: $89.99 each

Deal ends: n/a

Buy now:

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