Deal: Amazon Blu-ray Blowout - up to 50% off
Several top shelf Blu-ray titles at bargain bin prices. Over 100 to choose from with many at half retail price.
Amazon Blu-ray Blowout
May 27, 2008 by Gordon Jones

Sony may have won the format war, but it’s the retailers like Amazon that will determine the success (or failure) of the Blu-ray format. By my calculation, the average price for a new HD disc (of decent quality) still hovers in the high twenties, which is about twice what joe consumer wants to spend according to the industry surveys.

Our friends at DeepDiscount have had several sales on their BD collection, as has Amazon and a handful of other retailers. Today’s is certainly one of the better offers in terms of pricing (up to 50% several titles), selection (116 in all), and quality of content (only a handful of dogs). Example: the 2007 5-disc Complete Collector’s Edition of Blade Runner is a scant $19.95. So help me if I get a rant comment on that offer!

Also available are 300 ($17.45), I Robot ($17.03), The Last Samurai ($14.54), Underworld -Unrated ($14.95), and Tears of the Sun ($14.45). Several Masters of Horror sets are also on sale for $14.95 a piece, if that’s your thing.

Obviously, prices will continue to fall on the Blu-ray titles, and hopefully services like Netflix will follow suit. Until then, deals like this will play a significant role in growing the base of Blu-ray adopters.

Sale price: $14.95 - $23.95 (free s/h)

Deal ends: n/a

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