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Home theaters aren't just about 1080p and Dolby Surround... it's the personalized extras that make them really shine.
All Movie Posters Deal
April 09, 2008 by Gordon Jones

There are some movies we’ll watch no matter what. Whether it’s in jaw-dropping 1080p or grainy cable, on at 7pm or 3 in the morning, in full surround or just barely stereo. These movies hold a special place and we’ll defend them in any bar debate or forum flame war. This is why home theaters are more than just technology, they are (or should be) reflections of our cinemagraphic tastes.

Today’s deal is a great way let that style shine in your very own entertainment room - whether it’s themed like the U.S.S Enterprise or a simple DIY job you pieced together on the weekends.’s 25% off sale gives you over 5,000 movie posters to choose from, so no whining about lack of selection. Most are available in original full size glory - many are also available in smaller editions for over the bar, etc. You can also opt for their framing service for an additional fee or just get the paper and hang any way you like.

While most audiophiles warn against putting too many reflective services (glass is a biggie) in a theater/listening room, eye candy like this can go just about anywhere (in moderation), including the theater entrance or better yet, the “concessions” area if you’re lucky.

Sale Price: 25% off (click on red 25% box to get discount code)

Ending: 4/10/08

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