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Deal: AccuScreen 92” 16:9 Wall Screen - $216.99
Take the next step in your home theater evolution with this 92" acoustically transparent fixed wall-mounted screen.
AccuScreen 92
July 08, 2008 by Gordon Jones

If big is important to you (talking screens here), upgrading your home theater to a front projector setup is a must for your bucket list. Unfortunately, a lot of our focus (pun intended) goes to the buying the right projector - DLP, LCoS, LCD, lumens, chips, color wheels - there’s certainly plenty to digest. However, what you throw that light on is just as important, though deals like today’s make the commitment much easier to swallow.

When it comes to choosing a screen, one of the first decisions is fixed vs. pull down. There are reasons (and variations) for both, depending on your room and viewing needs, but I’ll go on a limb and say that fixed is the preferred format offering a wrinkle-free and more professional look to your room and movies. Other considerations include color (white or gray) and the screen’s acoustic properties (transparent or not).

Today’s AccuScreen deal has a nice combination of features that should please anyone considering the projector route. Size-wise, the 92” (45” X 80” viewing area) 16:9 format is fairly realistic for most rooms… not too big, not too small. The installation is said to be fairly simple…they claim it can be assembled and perfectly tensioned in mere seconds, though I’d be happy with any diy project that took less than a couple hours, four band aids, and minimal cursing. The frame itself is made of aluminum with a velvet finish and includes mounting brackets for wall attachment. The screen is a matte white which should do well on most of today’s consumer projectors. However, if your room is plagued with light (windows, open doorways) a gray screen may be a better choice.

The real kicker on this deal is the acoustic transparency of the screen. This feature allows your front speakers, or at least your center, to be placed directly behind the screen without losing audio quality. It’s a standard for the “real” theaters and for good reason - the sound is coming right at you, straight from the action.

The screen is also machine washable, in case the kids get at it, and has a 12 month warrantee.

Sale price: $216.99 (free s/h)

Deal ends: n/a

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