Deal: Amazon 6ft HDMI Cable - $2.05
Whether you love it, hate it, or are confused by it, HDMI is part of your home theater.
Amazon HDMI Deal
March 06, 2008 by Gordon Jones

These days, it seems like you can barely buy a lawnmower that doesn’t require an HDMI cable. And while I’m all for less clutter and better picture quality(?), the prices on these “accessories” is just getting silly. Add in some mass confusion over the various HDMI versions and you’ve got the makings for a snake oil scenario.

So, before you go grab that 108” screen at BestBuy et al, and succumb to the"I’ll pick up a cable while I’m here” temptation, do a bit of research beforehand and get a deal like today’s. Amazon is offering a 6 foot HDMI to HDMI cable from DVI Gear.

It’s a 19-pin cable, black, and has ferrite rings and gold plated connectors. There are plenty of reviews (>400) supporting it’s authenticity/compatibility and the seller is offering a money back warranty if it doesn’t work as promised. And seriously, at 2 bucks it’s not like you’re raiding the kids college fund (that went on the amp).

If today isn’t payday for you, don’t fret, there are several sites out there that offer similar deals on a regular basis - and com to mind.

Sale price: $2.05 + s/h

Deal ends: n/a

Buy now:

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