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Create Your Own Xbox Games
Microsoft wants to pay you to create more games for its Xbox 360 console.
XNA Creators Club
Budding game gurus will need to join the XNA Creators Club to develop and submit their games to Microsoft.
July 22, 2008 by Rachel Cericola

Either they’re running out of ideas, or Microsoft has a really cool marketing plan in the works.

The company is asking Xbox 360 users to create new titles for its video game console. Reuters likens the new service to a gamers’ version of YouTube.

However, if your game is good enough, you’ll get more than page views and a blip on the evening news. It could earn you some serious cash.

Potential game gurus will need to join the XNA Creators Club, which costs $99 a year. From there, you create your game via the XNA Game Studio. If it passes the “peer-review” system, you could certainly recoup those club costs. The company is planning to offer up to 70 percent of revenue to each developer. Games are expected to sell for $2.50, $5 or $10, via Microsoft’s points plan.

Microsoft hopes this will double the number of Xbox 360 games currently available. User-generated games will start selling on Xbox Live later this year.


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