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Woolworths Will Drop HD-DVD
January 29, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The UK chain is the first retailer to drop the high-def format, increasing its shelf space for Blu-ray.
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Posted by whitestar16  on  01/30  at  12:27 AM

More Blu ray dribble from Electronic House. I have no issue with Electronic House really trying to push for Blu Ray as much as possible as the financial difficulties on the blu ray side are well known.

I am only sorry that is a party to this type of unethical one sided non representative scare-tactick laden cowardice by constantly headlining these links.

Posted by Dr Julian Scott  on  01/30  at  07:24 AM

This is hardly news at all.  What non-UK readers might like to know is that Woolies are a company in decline.  For instance, Woolies in my city, Leicester, closed down last year.  It is certainly nowhere near being the biggest Hi Def retailer in the UK - NOWHERE NEAR IT!!  In fact, if you can find HDM in Woolies stores you’ve gone in equipped with a magnifying glass!  So where did this piece of misinformation come from?  As a police officer might say: Move on there’s nothing to see here…

Posted by Dimitri  on  01/30  at  07:39 AM

The “woolies” stores here in the UK are in rather dire straights and hardly the place you go to for HD! - and maybe this “story” shows that the blu ray camp is in a similar state when they resort to this kind of misinformation.

Posted by Steve Harbor  on  01/30  at  09:40 AM

So where did this piece of misinformation come from?

Where it came from is prominently displayed in the post.

I love reading the HD DVD contingent screaming about the pro-Blu-Ray bias of Electronic House in comments on articles like these, and remaining mum of articles like “3 Good Reasons to Stick With HD DVD.”

Posted by Dr Julian Scott  on  01/30  at  10:00 AM

Actually Steve I’m dual format and love my PS3.  But hogwash such at the statement that Woolies is the UK’s biggest HDM retailer needs to be called out for what it is.  Someone at Woolies has been blowing their trumpet and the Retail Bulletin reports it as fact.  They should know better.  As I said, if you go into most Woolies stores in the UK you would be hard pressed to find a single shelf full of HDM discs of either colour.

Posted by Steve Harbor  on  01/30  at  10:42 AM

Hey Julian, my point was that you ask “Where did this piece of misinformation come from?” and the article links to where it came from and additionally states “according to staff” as the source. So how is your question not being answered?

But mostly I was addressing the other posters…it becomes rather comic reading the outrage at every article that gets posted, by one side or the other. The one I mentioned earlier now has a comment lambasting the site for encouraging people to go HD DVD.

Posted by digriz  on  01/31  at  05:09 AM

“According to staff, Blu-ray outsold HD DVD over the holidays, 10 to 1. Woolworths is the biggest seller of high-def DVDs in the UK. “

Woolworths barely have a standard dvd range, my last visit a few weeks ago in the Gillingham store found a poor sale and a 1/3 filled dvd chart. This Statement of their market positionis an outright lie, Woolies may have gotten some great advertising from this but they are not considered a media outlet.

The fact they made the choice to go bluray was a great move for them but as i have worked for a media retail outlet previously, they are not considered competition (and haven’t been for the last 10 or 15 years) I suspect they have a few films placed with the PS3 games and have just placed customer orders for the HD.

Posted by mickey  on  01/31  at  02:05 PM

like Woolworth’s matters?

Posted by Aaron  on  02/05  at  12:58 PM

Doesn’t matter how small the retailer, software manufacturer, studio, etc… when each week there are another two or three that drop HD-DVD entirely for Blu-ray while no-one is doing the reverse.  The latest drops of HD-DVD in favor of Blu-ray are three porn industry studios, National Geographic, and one software manufacturer that was making authoring software for the disks.

Posted by Dimitri  on  02/05  at  03:32 PM

Actually ” Woollies” used to be a large retailer but not as large as the attempt to make a big deal out of it’s “decision” to go blu ray.
As for the porn side of things, whether we like it or not, it will affect the take up, such as it is, by the masses - and don’t listen to those who say it’s not how big it is it’s how you use it. The largest share is still HD DVD. And as one big, bad maddam said, you can’t make butter with a toothpick!

Posted by Aaron  on  02/05  at  03:42 PM

Latest to leave HD-DVD for dead and go with Blu-ray alone:

Saturn (Largest German electronics retailer)

News stories at:

Posted by Dimitri  on  02/05  at  04:09 PM

Storage, storage! Er, and Onkyo hasn’t “dropped” HD DVD, it’s being cautious if not a little cagey. The article goes on to say - The only real silver lining for HD DVD is that, while it might seem unlikely, the company refuses to completely rule out the possibility of another Onkyo player hitting shelves during 2008. All the company will do is tease that it will ‘unveil a new HD source later this year, but cannot confirm at this stage whether it will be a HD DVD, Blu-ray or combi device’.
Toshibas low price, mass appeal, is causing others to hedge their bet’s while it takes on blu ray. It’s counting on the mass DVD film viewing market, which will determine the take up of stand alone players and, although blu ray has won many “battles” in other areas, that “war” is far from over. And that is what rattles the blu ray fans.

Posted by Aaron  on  02/05  at  04:28 PM

Onkyo: dropping HD-DVD support and hints at a new HD player (does not say if HD-DVD or Blu-ray) later this year.

Now, why would they drop HD-DVD and then bring it back?  ....and a “new HD player” points toward something new rather than something old for the company (i.e. Blu-ray = new vs. HD-DVD = old).

That is my take.  I’m sure there are folks out there who hope the new player will be HD-DVD again.  We won’t know completely for sure until Onkyo says more.

Imation/TDK and Saturn are the big announcements. 

Imation/TDK provides a large percentage of writeable disks for the market.  Already, there is little support for HD-DVD writeable - this format battle is much further along in Blu-ray’s favor than the movie studio battle.

Visit Germany and see a Saturn store.  It is the Best Buy of Germany without any other big electronics store competition.  The United States has been the slowest to drop HD-DVD as it had the largest HD-DVD supporter base (although still smaller than Blu-ray in the US).

Posted by Dimitri  on  02/05  at  04:37 PM

“We won’t know completely for sure until Onkyo says more.” Quite right, and that is my take on it.
The rest is storage.

Posted by Aaron  on  02/07  at  10:32 PM

More companies going Blu-ray since the Warner defection:

Micro star (MSI)
FS Film
EMI music
National Geographic
Bandai Visual
Surround Records
Singulus Technologies
Digital Playground
Manga Films
Highlight Video
Swedish Films
Image Entertainment
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

Posted by Actiondvdguy  on  02/10  at  03:33 PM

This is your homeowners association, This is our third request for you to remove the Blu-Ray Forever I Love Sony banner from the front of your house.  It is depreciating the neighborhood values.

Posted by Aaron  on  02/11  at  11:19 AM

Good one Actiondvdguy!

I just hate to see folks waste money on a dying format and it looks like Blu-ray is winning more and more….latest is Netflix to drop HD-DVD.

It shouldn’t be so bad for some HD-DVD folks.  They may be able to purchase collections of already released stuff at a discount on eBay.  It will just be the new stuff that they won’t be able to get.  For cost savings with player price and firesale movies not too bad.

Posted by Dimitri  on  02/12  at  12:14 PM

and it’s not all plain sailing for blu ray as some would have you believe

** Blu-ray future limited for some **
Blu-ray owners may be frozen out of developments because their machines are not upgradeable.
< >

But Mr Upham said the format had a lot of work yet to do to reassure consumers they are safe to upgrade from DVD.

He added: “If Blu-ray wants to reach a wider audience, it needs to have more clarity.”

But he said the likely victims of the Blu-ray profiles issue was almost certainly a limited audience.

“The guys that bought the first Blu-ray players are the guys who bought the first laser discs. They know the risks.”


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