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Win an HD Entertainment Package from Panasonic
September 02, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
With Panasonic’s Living in High Definition Sweepstakes you could take home a new TV, camcorder, digital camera, laptop and portable Blu-ray player.
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Posted by kc  on  09/02  at  11:45 PM

This would be so cool for my husband to watch football games.

Posted by Michele Alexander  on  09/05  at  01:19 PM

I am in need of everything you have to offer…what a blessing winning would be.

Posted by sharon tattle  on  09/06  at  08:35 AM

what a cool gift to win for our family!

Posted by Melanie Buckley  on  09/06  at  10:25 AM

This would be so AWESOME to win!!!!!!

Posted by Eddie Speights  on  09/06  at  05:16 PM

Family would love it

Posted by William O  on  09/06  at  06:49 PM

Thank you for the sweeps.  I would love to wi n thwe camcorder.

Posted by pat peeler  on  09/07  at  11:44 AM

Would love to win this!!!

Posted by stanley tucker  on  09/08  at  02:57 PM

great !

Posted by terry clavet  on  09/08  at  02:57 PM

I can not even immagine what it would be like .That’s because being a single mom of six , now grown up and blessed me with 13 grand kids and a great grandson and another great on the way. Can you immagine Christmas with all of them and this prize????  thanks for the dream .

Posted by cooknshop  on  09/08  at  08:23 PM

great prize my family would love it

Posted by lynn graves  on  09/09  at  10:40 AM

thank you

Posted by Jackie Ennett  on  09/09  at  05:32 PM

We would really love to add this to our den.

Posted by Mabel Mason  on  09/10  at  07:44 PM

It would be awesome to win this great entertainment package!! We would enjoy it for many years to come.

Posted by sarah woods  on  09/12  at  09:16 PM

CAn you imagine winning this entertainment system before/during the holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow for this SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks SW

Posted by Margaret Garrison  on  09/13  at  05:05 PM

The Entertainment Package is great.  This would be an asset for all homes.  This package would bring our home up to date with 54” VIERA 1080p HDTV with web entertainment, HD Camcorder , Wi-Fi Digital Cameras, Toughbook Laptop, Portable Blu-ray Player with Movies,  I can only thank Electronic House for having a great sweepstakes.

Posted by Vivian Neal  on  09/14  at  10:05 PM

only the best out there and would love to win this

Posted by Tracy Ryan  on  10/13  at  05:00 PM

I was trying to think of something to say the only thing i can think of is HEAVEN

Posted by Norm Seiff  on  10/31  at  03:21 PM

Got to have it! That’s all there is to say

Posted by sherry coleman  on  11/20  at  02:44 PM

Iwon the benQmini projector and we love it..

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