Will New Xbox Experience Kill Apple TV?
November 18, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Coming via a free software upgrade, the NXE might make Xbox 360 the ultimate entertainment hub.

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Posted by Antonio  on  11/18  at  08:00 PM

This will undoubtedly cause many delays with online gaming on Wednesday, however the update looks great.  I hope it’s not plagued with bugs, as this has been Microsofts gameplan from day 1.  Put out a software update that is supposedly tested, secretly let unsuspecting users beta test it, bugs are found, and Microsoft puts out a patch…eventually.  I like the Netflix option.  I will definitely look into that, as I grow more and more angry at my cable bill. :-)

Posted by KoloKotroni  on  11/18  at  10:37 PM

I can’t believe they published this statement on this site,
“Compared to Apple TV, the Xbox 360 movie experience is superior for several reasons. HD videos on the game console can top out at 1080i, versus Apple’s current 720p limitation.”

The credibility of this article—and this site and general—just developed a bruise in my opinion.  The difference between 720p and 1080i is not an argument for or against either contender.  In fact there are plenty that will argue that 720p is actually better in some cases.  In any case, the difference is minuscule.

Posted by JQ  on  11/18  at  11:35 PM

Two good comments:
- You’re right about the final release. We will see how it goes once it’s available to all.
- Re. Antonio’s comment: Some people may not see the difference between 720p and 1080i, but I do. Bandwidth can also affect picture quality, however, so it isn’t simply resolution. But all things being equal, 720p is not up to 1080i. (BTW, I tested these on a set that does 1080p.) On the other hand, plenty of people are happy with their iPods, even though the sound quality is awful. Also, I resent the fact that Apple tries to put one over on consumers by charging a fortune for programming that’s free on the Web (check out Hulu) at a better resolution, I should add.
Okay, I’ve picked enough on Apple for one day. :)

Posted by DJ  on  11/19  at  12:42 AM

Didn’t the reviewer say that HD video quality is somewhere between DVD and up scaled DVD?
That isn’t HD. I don’t care what the resolution is.
Tell the damn truth, 1080i or 720P isn’t HD if the detail is gone. Stop playing with the numbers to push a product.

How about audio? Oh that’s right no lossless audio, takes up too much bandwidth.

Posted by barney  on  11/19  at  10:47 AM

JQ, obviously, there’s a lot(!) of confusion about interlaced vs. progressive. one point that seems to get overlooked is the TV itself - what is it best set up to handle. and for broadcasters, there’s also a myriad of reasons to send the signal one or the other format. from a content source like the xbox or atv, i think the first question comes into play - the viewers tv. sounds like you have a pretty nice set, i’m not sure everyone is so lucky.

as for apple charging “too much”, that’s an age old gripe. personally i think they’ve figured out how much people are willing to pay for convenience. remember, not everyone has the ability to get their computer content (ex Hulu) onto their big screen. the atv does that, albeit with a few caveats (price, drm, and in some cases, resolution).

like most, i’m tired of the mis-marketing of HD. i wouldn’t be surprised if a good chunk of it comes from the TV makers themselves, as well as the cable/sat companies. some of the confusion also also comes from the “opinion” side, much like blu-ray vs. hd-dvd. i’m certainly looking fwd to the day when HD is true 1080p with killer sound, bandwidth permitting.

btw, here are a few links i liked regarding the i vs p ssue:
link 1

link 2

link 3 - scroll down to the comic for the good stuff.

Posted by BiasIsTheNewBlack  on  11/19  at  10:50 AM

At least the author of the article openly admits his anti-Apple bias in the comments.

Could you even hear the movies over the fan-noise of the 360?

Posted by JQ  on  11/19  at  11:44 PM

One thing is clear here: We need to do a better job explaining to people that picture quality isn’t simply a matter of pinning a 1080p label on things. There are many different factors, especially as we see different compression schemes aimed at downloading movies (witness Vudu’s HDX). It’s a complicated story, but hopefully we’ll be able to make it clear to consumers as more services like Netfix instant play come online.

And no one is against a particular company. That’s just silly (isn’t the election over?). I hope they all create as many jobs as possible (we need them, for goodness sake’s, and if we didn’t have companies trying to create different products, I’d be out of a job!). However, when families need to watch their budgets and look for value, it is incumbent upon us—indeed, it is our primary purpose—to point out when they are getting ripped off, whether it’s a shoddily build car or a service that charges for things that are available for free. Let me say that again, FREE. That’s not a business model, that’s just cynical. You, the person paying for these things, deserves better than that.

Posted by KoloKotroni  on  11/20  at  09:41 PM

Looks like you might have problems watching some of those streaming Netflix movies on your 360 after all…

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