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Will Hulu Start Charging You to View Content?
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October 22, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Hulu experimenting with subscription-based content, according to NBC Universal exec.
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Posted by John  on  10/22  at  01:32 PM

Currently I pay for Hulu every time I watch something. I have to watch Ads and guess what,THEY COLLECT MONEY FOR THOSE!

Posted by wes  on  10/22  at  03:20 PM

I wouldn’t mind paying for the content, a subscription model based on access to a certain number of shows or subscription with access to the whole site.

but if i was to start paying then the ads would have to go, because what is my subscription paying for at that point?  i can pay for cable tv and still get ads.

Posted by Mepball  on  10/22  at  04:14 PM

Hulu will die if they expect us to pay for it. Face it you guys are not very good in fact the reason you are tollerated is because you are free. Its a buggy site and if hulu cant pay its bills with its ads it needs to come up with a higher fee for its advertizers. I will buy cable and reinstall my tv card + tivo software before i pay a dime to them. They only keep a few good show episodes up at a time and most are available free on the networks anyway. The content is not changing enough we are all bored of hulu 3 days a week.
Another way to say it is this:
If hulu was not free when i started watching i would demand a refund had i purchased it. But really i would have taken a tour and passed on the deal even if it were a penny a year,

Posted by dk jones  on  10/22  at  05:14 PM

i can’t escape the ad breaks. they aren’t long enough to hit the head or the kitchen so, i mostly accept that i’ve gotta watch them so, they are getting paid—especially considering that if i go to NBC, Fox or ABC they have ads on those sites as well. how much do they want to make for this “broadcast content” these 3 get paid 3 times—when a show airs, when it plays on their own site & when it plays on Hulu!! these suits sound like the record companies. how about i just wait a year for the shows i like & rent to rip from Netflix?... or this might be enough for Apple to do a subscription deal for TV shows that aren’t produced by these 3, or maybe Amazon?... & for some folks, well, there’s always the torrents…

Hulu should either increase the ads, so i can hit the kitchen or the head & charge the advertisers a bit more, or leave it as is & get over the greed..

Posted by Paul  on  10/22  at  05:24 PM

Hulu doesn’t create the content. Therefore they don’t spend money on the creation of the shows? How can they charge for something they’re not creating?

Posted by John  on  10/23  at  08:56 AM


Correct Hulu does not create the content, but they have to collect either advertising money, or now paid subscription to pay off the content providers.

Posted by Kenneth Lawson  on  10/23  at  07:21 PM

As it stands now, Hulu has seemed to hit the right balance between content and ads.
I don’t mind 3-4 30 ads well spread out though the show. Thats a very small price to pay to have content that I either haven seen in years , or discovering new shows I hadn’t seen before.

  Being able to introduce my kids to classic tv shows is priceless.

Going to a paid model will allainate , and drive away 99% of the audience that are looking for and .undo most of the good they’ve done this last year.

Ken Lawson

Posted by Jonny  on  10/28  at  12:50 AM

clearly they will not start charging us to pay for it, because, not only would another site spring up to show us free content, but also because if they need more moeny, theyll show more ads. I have already seen a huge increase of advertisements/commercials since hulu first came out, before it was about two 15 second commercials per show, but now its up to 5, at around 15-60 seconds per commercial

Posted by Don  on  01/25  at  06:48 PM

Hulu already has the revenue answer play commercials like they do on the networks ,which they are doing now what more do they want. I still pay for satellite tv why would I pay for HULU when they are playing commercials like network tv .I dont get it that would be double dipping and you know what hulu can go take a flying leap if they do charge My DVR works great and I have no problem using it . I will gladly watch the commercials like I do now but I am not going to pay to watch hulu and watch commercials to! They are obviously not using there heads typical for sure. Also I thought that was what commercials were to for to sponsor the program,if not Please remove all commercials from all the networks and cable channels .

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