Will A/V Receivers Need to Be 3D Compatible?
January 08, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
A/V receivers with HDMI switching could be a hindrance to the adoption of 3D because of their inability to accommodate the necessary extra bandwidth.
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Posted by John  on  01/08  at  03:43 PM

I was under the impression that once connecting through HDMI you could not separate video and audio.

Posted by kmc  on  01/08  at  03:47 PM

You can. For example, I connect the cable box directly to the TV via HDMI, but connect the cable box to my reciever using the optical cable.

Posted by John S  on  01/08  at  04:23 PM

I doubt they will provide an easy solution/workaround. You’ll be forced yet again to buy a new receiver just to get the new connection type. I’ve got an expensive Yamaha receiver w/o HDMI that I was thinking about replacing, but now I’m going to wait.

Posted by Brian Huempfner  on  01/08  at  05:36 PM

Optical/coax audio can’t handle the new lossless codecs, so you would need to have HDMI to feed the audio data stream to your receiver, to decode the lossless codecs. The other issue I can foresee, is a syncing problem with the audio and video, when you have one going to your TV and the other going to your receiver. Not to mention having to use yet another cable with a not so cheap cost.

Posted by Grant Clauser  on  01/10  at  02:55 PM

The Panasonic DMP-BDT350 will have two HDMI outputs. No word yet on the other manufacturers.

Posted by Doug  on  01/13  at  12:15 PM

This is not worth it.  They’re doing a good job of generating demand where it isn’t really present.

Posted by CJ  on  01/13  at  02:19 PM

Sorry guys but I will pass on the 3D thing. I visited w/JVC, Mitsubishi & Panasonic & the 3D was quite inspiring.  Then I saw the 4k x 2k resolution screens that provide the best image I saw… Like looking through a window pane & you don’t need goofy glasses.  So for now I would rather stick w/Blu-Ray 1080p TV, pass on the 3D thing and wait for the eventual release of 4k x 2k resolution.  And by the way, I can’t see America sitting down at prime time to watch TV & having to put 3D glasses on - I just don’t SEE it.

Posted by Matt  on  02/09  at  11:52 PM

My understanding is that the 4kx2k rez is only relevent for very large screens like those found in commercial movie theatres. Perception of 1080p over 720p is only marginal, if at all in most household setups. Anyway, Bluray has yet to max out the capabilities of hdmi 1.3 and 3d equivalent of the commercial theatre is far from mass market introduction.

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