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Why Can’t My New PS3 Play Blu-ray Movies?
July 15, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
PS3 won’t play Batman and it skipped a lot of Knowing.

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Posted by LordHits  on  07/15  at  05:01 PM

“Having a single unit to play games and Blu-ray movies is more convenient and cost friendly than buying separate pieces. But, fiances allowing, you may find yourself by separate components. “

That makes no sense. Other than the grammar issues, are you suggesting buying separate devices for games and watching Blu-Ray discs? The PS3 is perfectly able to do both.

Posted by DennisB  on  07/15  at  06:42 PM

“A separate Blu-ray player will also provide you with some better control options and some other features such as uncompressed audio playback. “

Huh?  The PS3 provides the same audio output as any standalone Blu-ray player out there.  Just because it may be PCM instead of bitstream does not mean there are any compression issues.

If the unit is not playing Blu-ray movies correctly, it’s broken.  Take it back and get a replacement.  Heating used to be a problem with the oldest PS3 units.  The newer units (anything released in the last 18 months) run cool.

Other advantages of a PS3 over a standalone player.  Load times for Blu-ray movies are much faster than most players.  The PS3 is updated (codecs and BD Profile) before most stand alone players.

For the price, a PS3 is a great Blu-ray device for your home theater.

Posted by Bo435  on  07/15  at  08:26 PM

That is probably the worst advice/response to a question I ever heard.  There is nothing wrong with using the PS3 to watch Blu-Ray movies and if it isn’t playing them there is something wrong with the player.

I don’t know what is worse, Robert Archer saying that the solution is buying a stand alone player or Electronic House for publishing this answer on the website.

Posted by LordHits  on  07/15  at  11:02 PM

Ok, so the grammar was fixed in the answer, but the bogus advice remains?
1. The PS3 is perfectly capable of playing Blu-Ray discs and playing games.
2. The PS3 has no issues playing back uncompressed audio. (See DennisB’s reply here).

Robert Archer’s credibility here is waning…

Posted by Bob Archer  on  07/16  at  05:51 AM

Sorry for the bad grammar guys I know how important that is to you.

The PS3 is perfectly capable of playing blu rays and I don’t question that, but is blu ray playback its primary job?

No it’s not. Are there better blu ray players on the market with more full featured control options that include RS-232 and more audio options that include bitstream and PCM with built-in audio decoding?

Yes there are and that was my point.

The new Panasonic and Sony players load much faster than previous generations. Pioneer and Denon’s blu ray players offer state of the art blu-ray playback and upscaling of standard DVDs.

Can the PS3 do that?

No it can’t. I simply suggested that in the future he consider a stand alone player because of the issues I note with heat and overall performance.

The price of blu ray hardware is coming down quickly and I would guess it will continue to decline quickly especially towards the end of the year with the holiday sales and discount competition heating up.

These factors make purchasing a stand alone player much more viable than in the past few years.

Posted by LordHits  on  07/16  at  07:29 AM

Ok, so there are better Blu-ray players on the market now. That wasn’t the question being asked though. Also, your point about “uncompressed audio playback” is inferring that the PS3 does not support it, which is wrong.

Posted by Bob Archer  on  07/16  at  07:37 AM

You are correct Lords, I did look up the audio options on the PS3 and it looks like you can do Dolby TrueHD and DTS MA, but you and the other posters didn’t question my response about the possible fixes for the problems of the PS3 you questioned my suggestion of possibly getting a new player.

The option of getting a new player was suggested if the solution of moving the gaming system out of its current location and the firmware updates don’t work.

Like I said a PS3’s primary function is gaming, it’s not going to perform as well as a current generation blu-ray player.

Posted by PersainCAT  on  07/16  at  08:56 AM

@Bob Archer, here i’ll address what u said.  While the ps3 may run a bit warm, there isnt any negative playback issues unless it is over heating.  So pulling the system out wont effect playback but may reduce noise by havening the fan turn off.

In addition The ps3 can do upscaling of regular DVD’s and with one of the new firmware updates (2.something)  the functions(with the exception of bit stream sound) that a standalone SONY Blu-Ray player has are included.
Similarly if a Blu-ray is skiping either the disk has an issue or the ps3 does, your right update the firmware, though i still have 1.something and both those movies work for me, and then if the issue still exists u have a broken ps3/disk. 
The reason everyone was so up in arms with the buy a new system is that the ps3 if working should be able to play all mainstream popular movies and the advantage to buying a separate player would only be experienced by people who build very expensive systems and those people are doing home theaters/not considering a ps3 anyway.  Its BAD advise to tell a person trying to watch a blu-ray on their ps3 that u may need to buy a standalone blu-ray player as your ps3 isnt up to par.

Posted by Bob Archer  on  07/16  at  09:12 AM

So you are saying that if it isn’t a thermal or firmware issue something is wrong with the PS3.

Isn’t the solutuin to replace the PS3 at a cost of $399 if the warranty doesn’t cover the problem or buying a stand alone player and using the PS3 for its primary function of gaming.

If replacement is the chosen route won’t the user save a few dollars by buying a new player.

Panasonic’s DMP-60 is a BD Live 2.0 unit and it can be purchased for about $250 at Best Buy and Wal Mart sells a Magnavox unit for $98.

Pioneer’s BD-320 is about $375 on Amazon and it has built-in decoding,  BD Live 2.0 and there are audio experts in the field that say Pioneer makes the best sounding products on the market.

Naturally the first steps should be to examine the thermal and firmware problems, but if those don’t work and the warranty doesn’t cover the problems what’s the solution then—buy a PS3 for $400 or a replacement for less money?

That is not bad advice, it is realistic advice.

Posted by Paul  on  07/16  at  09:54 AM

Sorry guys, I have to back Bob on this one, well at least after he clarified his statements.  The PS3 is a very versitile multi purpose device, and as such, it is good at many things, but at least in my opinion fantastic at none.
I bought one back in the day strictly for blu-ray playback, and was quite happy until there were standalone players that would fit in my media rack, and allow me to operate them with my Pronto remote.

I agree that if Bill is happy with his PS3 as a gaming platform, and his unit is not determined to be defective/covered under warranty, then the best solution is to buy a standalone player.

My wife found the PS3 intimidating rather than ‘cool’, and my life has been much easier now that she feels comfortable using a familiar style device, rather than the non-traditional GUI based PS3.

Posted by dr  on  07/16  at  09:57 AM

wrong again!  a PS3 does upscale DVDs and compared to my Denon and oppo player, it does an excellent job.

better check your facts before writing your next article.

i think the gentleman has a bad player thats all.

Posted by Bob Archer  on  07/16  at  10:19 AM

DR that’s quite a claim that your firmware upgraded PS3 upscales to a level that’s comparable with the Oppo and Denon players.

Have you tested it with the software that’s available from Silicon Optix or Faroudja?

Oppo’s upscaling is generally considered to be among the best in the field along with Toshiba.

Denon employs Silicon Optix’s Reon HQV processing in its units and that’s considered to be the benchmark processing chipset for the market.

With that said going back to my original point, you can check the thermal issues, the firmware or replace the unit.

If the warranty doesn’t cover replacement you are then left with the decision to buy a new PS3 or a blu ray player.

If the PS3 works fine for gaming why would you spend that extra money on a new PS3 when you can get a current generation blu ray player with BD Live, upscaling and bitstream uncompressed audio for much less money.

Posted by dr  on  07/16  at  10:30 AM

as i said… ive tested the PS3 vs many players, displayed on Pioneer Elite, Runco plasma and very large 2.35 3-chip DLP rigs. 

I have also had the opportunity to process the image with the industries finest video processors.

I was pleasently suprised that with both test patterns and real content the PS3 proved to be an exceptional performer.

and it fully supports up to 7.1 channels of uncompressed audio!

Posted by Bob Archer  on  07/16  at  10:33 AM

DR did you test it with movies or with actual test patterns.

You probably won’t see anything with movies.

Posted by Bob Archer  on  07/16  at  10:49 AM

I am sorry DR you stated that you used test patterns.

So I am guessing that a dealer let you spend the time to sit there and run test patterns multiple times along with some movies to come to this conclusion.

I hope you bought a product from this nice custom install firm or the specialty retailer.

That is a lot of time to devote to a client that didn’t make a purchase.

Posted by webster  on  07/16  at  11:37 AM

“Sorry for the bad grammar guys I know how important that is to you.”

yeahs, i meen c’mon. itz knot like u rite fore uh magizeen or anithing… grammer shmammer. hahahaha

Posted by dr  on  07/16  at  12:58 PM

i am a dealer… specializing in isf calibrations and high end video

ive basically sold and seen it all over the last 20 years.

Posted by Bob Archer  on  07/16  at  01:16 PM

that is good DR. You know then that as a value the PS3 offers lots of bang for the buck, but it doesn’t compare with the best products the industry has to offer.

Also keep in mind that his question was about the playback of some blu ray discs.

My advice was to update the firmware and to remove it from its surroundings to let it breath better. PS3s run hot when playing blu rays and thermal issues are a big problem for some electronics.

As an ISF guy you know the importance of proper ventilation for components, especially projectors in hush boxes and big Class A or Class A/B amps that can run hot.

Posted by Bob Archer  on  07/16  at  01:34 PM

Hi DR, you also know that if the player is running hot and it’s fan is running all the time that it will raise the ambient room noise levels up, which detracts from the audio performance too with things like low level dialog (noise criteria levels or NC)

It also lacks RS-232 and discrete IR for more advanced control capabilities.

Posted by dr  on  07/16  at  01:56 PM

it is loud and lacks the control ports you mention there are however solutions for that.

have to agree it does run a bit hot.

performance wise though, its a winner.

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