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Where Are the 4K Home Theater Projectors?
August 14, 2013 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
As the market for Ultra HD TVs heats up, home theater enthusiasts look for 4K projectors.
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Posted by Simon  on  08/15  at  06:21 AM

Sounds like Sony are going to get another coup. And what about passive 3D with 1080p to each eye? Isn’t that a compelling 4k use case?

Posted by Grant Clauser  on  08/15  at  09:25 AM

@Simon, yes, passive 3D in a projector is compelling, if you’re into 3D, but quality 3D content has been kind of disappointing lately.

Posted by Kipnis Studios  on  08/16  at  11:03 AM

I’m surprised not to see any mention that 4K projection has been a centerpiece of all Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS)™ Home Theater installations, since 2006.

We use both the Sony CineAlta 4K Projectors, Meridian 810, Sim2 Quatro Cinema, and also the Barco & Christie 4K - 3D Cinema Projectors to create unequalled picture fidelity.

For more information, please see our website:


Cheers -


Posted by Grant Clauser  on  08/16  at  11:32 AM

Jeremy, that’s because the article is talking about the projectors (and lack of them) not the projects they’ve been involved in.

Posted by Richard  on  09/02  at  09:26 AM

IMHO, 4K will remain a luxury tier market for the next few years.  The absolute lack of native 4K content and the fact that for 95% of the viewers 1080P is plenty good enough are the reasons why.  After all, who really sits within 3 feet of their large video display?  And why would one invest mega dollars for a system and then not have any content to display?

I think that 1080P will rule for the next 3-5 years and will only be supplanted once content is available and pricing comes down quite a bit…


Posted by john wright  on  10/10  at  04:33 PM

jvc i=dla 4 k is 1 of the best projector, i have seen. i have redone home theater with 139” 
and this in 3d best i have seen on market in any price to 10000.00 as far as 3d go’s
I think the size of tv has to be at least 100” or bigger i have 50 ” 3d tv but most don’t like it
when i use 139” same all are in awe. i looked at 15 projector’s 1080 none could equal

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