Where Are All the 3D Blu-rays?
May 13, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
With 3D displays garnering more and more customer interest, where are all the 3D Blu-ray movie titles?
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Posted by Tom  on  05/13  at  06:14 PM

Who cares…3D is dumbest thing to come to hometheater

Posted by Mark  on  05/14  at  03:14 AM

So, 3D is going to be successful with movies already released and remastered…... I doubt that very much. Lets see some new ones. I will buy in to 3D - just show me the stand with all the content on it first….. Esp as we all suspect the indiustry is already working on 4D to sucker us with that next. Don’t be an earlier adopter!!!

Posted by Adrian  on  05/14  at  04:02 PM

I love my sports with the 2D-3D conversion right now.  To each his own and I’ll enjoy mine while you enjoy ... well your’s.  My converted HD dvr college football saves from 2009 look great.  If this is just a glimpse of things to come, I’m ok with a slow rollout.

Posted by John  on  05/14  at  06:00 PM

@ Tom Apparently you have not watched sports in 3D or do not watch sports in general. I was thinking the same thing as you until I got to see first hand some phenomenal demos at CEDIA last year. I think movies in general do not have much advantage in 3D, in fact I prefer the 2D version of Avatar over the 3D, but sports open up a whole new concept. I watched a football game, boxing match, and concert in 3D and was amazed at how immersive the images were. Kickoff felt like the ball was going to land in my lap, I had to dodge punches during the boxing match. It really changed how I viewed 3D content in general.

Posted by SE  on  05/14  at  10:26 PM

John - The 2D to 3D sports sounds cool.  Did you ever feel while watching that the constant coming at you, i.e. “land in my lap, dodge punches” got too tiring to watch for the whole game or fight?

Posted by Nelson  on  05/16  at  05:50 AM

3D is a waste of bandwidth.

Posted by MitchE.  on  05/19  at  12:59 AM

I understand the args and the hype. Sorry, its just hype.
This is from a tech audiophile.

If we compare SACDs with 3D DVDs. I had about 1100 CDs and about a $4k CD player (A Krell). As SACDs were coming out, the Ipod group started buying one song at a time and CD sales dropped. The SACD people were hyping the sales of their format, but it was because they were hybrids.

The 3D DVDs won’t be playable on 2D machines, so hybriids can’t be made. Maybe 200 SACDs were created. Yes I could be way off. But now my CDs numbers have almost doubled due to used at $1.95/ $2.95 and vastly lower. Maybe that is why Avatar was released on Blu and DVD in the same package.

And yes, now I have ITunes with a 1,000 GB drive, a Sennheiser 650 headphones, a Wadia iIDoc, to a 24bit DAC,
to my Krell pre-amp with audio. Apple lossless for the curious.
And still have the vintage 300CD.

Mabe by the time 3D has died we will move our DVDs to a 10TB disk, and compared to 500 DVDs, it won’t make even 2% of a large collection against us early adopters.

Lastly, until my 64GB IPAD, Apple and other laptops support 3D and almost every decent movie released being 3D, it isn’t going to happen. Has Blu hit critical mass? Will it be sold separately? If I can buy a used DVD for under $5, upscale it, then why should I buy a Blu?

And you want me to get rid of the best (one of) ever plasmas made to go to 3D. (Pioneer Elite Kuro) Are you on drugs?

Posted by Don  on  05/20  at  10:41 AM

Actually MitchE, I believe all of the 3D Blu-rays will also play on regular Blu-ray players, just in 2D, of course.

You’ll have to come up with a new argument…

Posted by John  on  05/21  at  10:03 AM

@MitchE Why should you buy bluray?? Really? You can just upscale the DVD and you get the same quality? This coming from a tech AUDIOPHILE as you claim. . .You do realize that 1080p is not the only advantage to bluray correct?  I would have thought lossless audio would have been a major deciding factor for you, but I guess crap audio on an upscaled DVD is just as good ...

And yes, my 3D bluray player plays both 2D and 3D blurays, my receiver processes them both, and my tv displays them both.

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