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What Display is Best for My Viewing Distance?
January 28, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Is a plasma a good idea for Steve’s 15-20 foot viewing distance?
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Posted by Wryker  on  01/29  at  09:53 AM

You may have wanted to explain or put a link in the article to direct the person to a site that demonstrates ‘why’ his viewing distance is an ‘issue’.  Most people are being bedazzled into 1080p and not understanding the benefits are only realized depending on how far back you sit from ‘what’ size screen.

Posted by John  on  01/29  at  01:58 PM

Even more, this article completely dismisses the fact that a projector and screen gives you NO AUDIO. I realize this was based on seating distance and image size, but when proposing a 2 piece projection system as an alternative, you need to at least briefly cover the topic that you will need to purchase some audio equipment as well. This puts your overall budget well past the 2k mark

Posted by Robert Archer  on  01/29  at  03:32 PM

I suggested this alternative system for two reasons:

It’s about $500-$600 (including the Lutron dimmer) less than the plasma he mentions and he’s going to get nearly twice the picture size.

As for the seating distance, yes there can be issues with resolutions and distances. At a distances the reader mentions, pixel structure should not be an issue however.

As for the audio side of the system. He never asked about an audio solution and that’s why I never brought one up.

Robert Archer

Posted by John  on  01/29  at  05:52 PM

But the television comes with 2 speakers and when suggesting they look into a 2 piece projection system, it would be nice to at least mention the fact that an audio system will need to be purchased as well. You had a whole paragraph on lighting control?!?!? which was not asked about, yet I am almost positive they will be pretty disappointed if they set everything and realize they are getting no sound. A screen twice as big as the TV will definitely be a better solution, but having audio to go with this would be the best.

That and I would look into a 110” to 114” diagonal if I was sitting 15-20 feet away.

Posted by rocky  on  01/29  at  08:14 PM

what about the light source replacement costs that will
happen with projection setups,  plus having to install
the screen and projector all for a bigger picture
thats not really needed in a room size mentioned
did you ask where they will be sitting?  they may only be sitting 10 to 12ft from the screen,  in that case the
plasma woulkd be fine,  also the so called bright room
reference is total rubbish, I watch a 50 inch samsung
720p in a well lit room from 8 ft away with out any hassles
at all, not one of the multitude of visitors have ever expressed a comment about the image not being bright
enough,  another furphy from the LCD camp

Posted by enough  on  01/30  at  12:10 AM

Epson Ensemble HD 8100 Home Cinema System
done and done then get Control4 for lighting and control

Posted by CJ  on  02/02  at  09:46 AM

Steve, One other option to consider is a rear projection TV.  It uses the same DLP technology as many front projectors do.  Yes, it’s a technology that is slowly fading away as the price of flat panels become cheaper, but it does have it’s attributes.  First is that they have become much slimmer in profile.  An 82” for example is less than 2’ deep, and if you are like most of us that has some type of an A/V cabinet or credenza then you could place the display right on top!  The cost of an 82” is under $5k & might not be considered a bad alternative when you consider that it’s larger than a flat panel, and that a 2-piece system (flim & projector) might not be the aesthetic that you want in your room… Again, it’s another option to consider.

Posted by Gary  on  02/08  at  03:55 PM

I am mounting a 65” plasma on wall and want to install L, R and Center speakers with it.  What do you think about the Pinnacle Quantum Plasma 3 and 5 AND proportionally, do you think I’d be making a mistake going with the PQP3 @ 16” vs. the 5 at 26”?

Posted by Jim Grigsby  on  03/16  at  10:07 PM

I agree with an earlier comment; rear projo DLP is an excellent choice for this - and is MUCH brighter and sharper than any two piece unit, and the costs can be much less $$‘s per inch. Also, compare the lamp replacement in almost any front projector - are any of them $99.00 like the rear projo’s? With the electrical usage of most flat panels vs the rear projo’s - the lamp pays for itself with electricity saved. I do also agree that with the costs of panels coming down that this could be a technology that may go away someday - I just wonder when 65”, 73” and 82” panels will be the same price, use as little electricity, be as “fast” as DLP vs LCD and also make the claim of 3-D ready right now??? You want to watch Avitar 3-D in front of 55” panel or 82” set??

Posted by Stephen  on  03/30  at  03:30 AM

The problem with advice from “experts” these days is that they seem to be basing it all on old technology. With 15-20 feet and a 1080p projector which has better contrasts than the past 100” is a minimum screen size, try 120” if 16:9 if going scope a little more again. The idea of 100” goes back to low brightness 720p projectors.

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