Warner’s Blu-ray Sneak Peek Includes All-Time Classics for ‘09
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February 07, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Gone with the Wind’ are among some scheduled Blu-ray release highlights Warner Bros. previewed.
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Posted by Jeff  on  02/07  at  01:50 PM

At least for HD DVD fans, the Dirty Harry set will bow on both formats.

Posted by Carlos  on  02/07  at  03:54 PM

Save your money for a raining days. Why paying too much money for an old HD movies?

Studios keep making money over and over and over many times on a same song or movie. 

There is a new sucker borns every day.

Posted by steveo  on  02/07  at  05:26 PM

Carlos, do you have any media for any movie you have seen in a theater? If so, then you are just the same sucker as the rest of us. I am not trying to insult you, but point out that if a person has ever bought a movie or TV show or concert then that person liked it enough to want to see it again (and maybe again and again) and to ‘own’ it.
Obviously this is a massively popular situation that has transcened about a dozen mediums from Wax cyclinders to High Definition optical plastic and will continue into data bits with downloads.
It would be nice to buy the rights to something, and then get a ‘cost only’ copy of each new media - but that is not yet how it works.
Surely if I have a high line Home Theater system, I am not going to waste my time watching what I love on an old VHS tape (though I might yet still listen to it on a vinyl record!). 
My time and pleasure is more valuable to me than the cost of yet a new media type. (It helps that I have the money to buy new media.)

Posted by Joe T.  on  02/08  at  08:29 AM

“Why paying too much money for an old HD movies? “

Uhh—because you love the movie?  I’d seen Casablanca, Blade Runner and Blazing Saddles at least 20 times each (including all of them on the big screen), but I still bought all of them on HD media as soon as they were available. 

They’re like any other work of art.  Saying that you don’t need to watch a movie after you’ve seen it is like saying you don’t need to look at a painting again once you’ve seen it, or listen to a record again after you’ve heard a song on the radio.

North by Northwest?  Awesome—I’ll have to put this on pre-order.

Posted by Warner fan  on  02/08  at  04:00 PM

oh the irony

‘And I for one am pretty intrigued at seeing how much can be done to improve the quality of movies that are going to be 70 (!) years old.’

You can go out and get Robin Hood from 1938 on HD disk today. It’s spectacular. It’s on Warner too. Of course it’s not a blu-ray.

It’s sad to see Warner now adopting Disneys strategy of announcing movies years in advance instead of releasing now. Seems to come with the territory.

Posted by steveo  on  02/08  at  04:40 PM

Sheesh - if Warner becomes too much like Disney, then all they willl ever release is movies where the main character dies….then miraculously…comes back to life.

Posted by goodswipeHD  on  02/08  at  05:21 PM

Wasn’t MGM behind the Wizard of Oz?

Posted by goodswipeHD  on  02/08  at  05:28 PM

Ahhh, ok, here we go:

Back in 1986, Ted Turner tried to buy Time Warner (!), but failed due to lack of funds, and ended up with only Warner’s pre-1948 and MGM’s pre-1968 titles. In a subsequent and quite convoluted chain of events , Warner ended up buying Ted Turner’s company, TNT. Good ol’ Ted also sold home video distribution rights to these titles to MGM. So, when the Pathe deal rolled around in 1990, Warner ended up distributing pre-1948 Warner titles licensed to MGM by Ted Turner, which were now owned by Warner!

Posted by Jeff Kalman  on  02/10  at  12:36 PM

Gone with the Wind and Wizard of Oz.  Excellent…  I’ll be buying those for sure.

Posted by Jess R.  on  01/15  at  04:45 PM

“or at least your parents might be.” ....??! I am 14 and i check for the release date on amazon EVERY DAY for Gone With The Wind !!
GREAT NEWS! 2009 will be a GREAT year!

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