Vizio Sweepstakes Awarding Weekly 55” HDTVs
vizio contest
February 04, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
‘The Million Dollar Event’ from Vizio runs from now until mid-August, with a 55-inch LCD HDTV going to a lucky winner each week.
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Posted by Reynold  on  02/06  at  04:37 PM

haha i hope too mayn don’t sign up! i want to win a vizio! especially this one!!!

Posted by vanessa roman  on  03/10  at  03:46 PM

i need a tv. cann’t afford to buy a new one. hope to win one thank you..

Posted by gregory mckenney 02/10/09  on  03/10  at  04:06 PM


Posted by Elizabeth Burda  on  03/18  at  10:53 AM

Yes we are in need of a new TV.. Ours is 10 years old and not clear at all.
Having old eyes we need a better picture.

Posted by Becky Burns  on  06/07  at  06:52 PM

Please i would love a 55"vizio tv.I am now on disability as of like 5 months ago.I have had two back surgerys,two neck surgerys,ear surgery,I have miniers Disease.The last surgery i had was May27th 2007.I am still having problems.Now the sergeon says i have two more discs out in my neck again and need another surgery.A double fusion.I don’t want it.I am in so much pain.I don’t know it will help me or make me worse.Anyway!My husband works 2 Jobs to make ends meet.We live pay check to pay check like most.Please think of us and how it would mean the world to me(US).My husband would be so shocked! I have not told him i entered the contest.I want him to be surprised if we won.I am 46years old and love and miss my job as a hair stylist!I can’t stand long enough or hold my arms up like i use too.I have been a hairstylist for over 25years.Thankyou so much for listening to my story. Becky Burns

Posted by Quentin  on  06/17  at  02:16 PM

The Vizio sweepstakes is rigged. look at all the winners and majority of them are on the East coast especially in the New York area. if you live there you have a higher chance of winning. if you live in the middle or west, too bad for you. im going by what i see all the thumbtacks are always grouped together in the east, and spread out if it is in the middle or west.

Posted by Alexandria Banks  on  07/04  at  05:35 AM

I have been trying for two days now to subnit my entry and it’s not letting me in. I wonder what is going on? I would love to win a Vizio tv, can’t afford one right now due to my budget. I am on disablity from a back injury.

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