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Venturer Launches Affordable HD DVD Player
November 30, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The UK company promises 1080i video and a few freebies for under $200.
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Posted by superdynamite  on  12/01  at  03:39 PM

The fomat war is officially Over. We’d like to thank everyone for coming. You can throw your HDDVD’s in the bin by the door. Drive safely, and have a nice day.

Nielsen/VideoScan Numbers ending November 25th (Includes Black Friday)

WE: BD-72% HDD-28% YTD: BD-65% HDD-35% SI: BD-62% HDD-38%

PS. The Venturer HD-DVD player is NOT Full HD 1080p.

Posted by Scapp70  on  12/01  at  03:41 PM

Anyone who buys this hunk of Junk needs their head examined. It’s not even Full HD.

Blu-Ray won anyway. HDDVD got crushed on black friday.

Posted by superdynamite  on  12/01  at  03:43 PM

Some one will buy it. LOL. There is a sucka born every minute. Maybe they’ll be they’ll be able to use HDDVD as a swim toy for their pool this summer.

Posted by PoonJab  on  12/01  at  03:45 PM

I don’t think anyone is dumb enough to buy this cheap piece of crapola.

Posted by scapp70  on  12/01  at  03:46 PM

I don’t know. Like super says, there’s a sucka born every you-know-what.

Maybe some people didn’t here the news yet?!?!?

Posted by kidkreola  on  12/01  at  03:48 PM

I would never buy HDDVD. It’s dead and burried. Blu-Ray Rules.

Posted by mamaPapa72  on  12/01  at  03:50 PM

I heard the news. Blu-Ray won! We all knew it was gonna happen. HDDVD is a joke. If Microsoft wasn’t so hard up for Sony, the format war would have been over Months ago. Paramount must feel like a bunch of Jerks. LOL. What a stupid deal they signed. I bet they lost Millions!

Posted by Joe Callahan  on  12/05  at  08:22 PM

Blu-Ray won again, huh?  Glad to hear it.  95% of its user-base are watching movies on a videogame console, but it’s won already?!?  Hysterical!

Blu-Ray players aren’t selling at all, and the BDA needs to give away free discs in bi-monthly BOGO sales in order to keep selling movies to these gamers.

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