Upgrading Your Home Theater for Blu-ray
Blu-ray Upgrade
June 13, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Ready to jump on the Blu-ray bandwagon? These are the updates you need to make in order to fully enjoy the experience.
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Posted by Chris Richwine  on  06/13  at  09:53 AM

Good article.  Clear, concise and to the point without a bunch of bad info and slanted views.

Posted by Chuck McKenney  on  06/13  at  10:00 AM

I can’t help but laugh. Any article that isn’t pro-Blu is slanted and full of bad information. But the moment EH praises Blu-ray, in roll the complements.

Posted by tom  on  06/13  at  10:13 AM

hello, regarding your comment dolby true hd and dts ma only passed on hdmi. This is not true, the denon 3800 and upcoming panasonic bd50, sony s550, pioneer 05 and 51 and others will internally decode and pass these lossles formats through the multi-channel analog outputs.

Posted by Chris Richwine  on  06/13  at  10:17 AM

That’s not the point at all.  Previous articles in this magazine (and I’m not only talking about articles relating to Blu-ray) were not only slanted toward revenue generating advertisers but also contained multitudes false information.  This article contains none of that, as far as I can see and hence the praise.

Besides all of that, the spelling, grammar and organizational structure seem far superior; something not that common around here in my opinion.

I like to dish out praise and criticism equally, but if you prefer I’ll stick with the latter from now on :-)

Posted by Greg Robinson  on  06/13  at  12:05 PM

Chris - thanks for your feedback.
tom - you are 100% correct. I actually wrestled with including the multi-channel option but feared over-complicating things. However, you’ve convinced me it was wrong to leave it out.  I’ve made changes to the “Cables” section that reflects your feedback.  Thanks for reading.

Posted by Ryan  on  06/13  at  10:39 PM

I have my blu ray hooked up to my 15 yr old CRT, it looks amazing! and the sound from my tv speakers is unreal!

Posted by Future File  on  06/15  at  05:52 PM

Why on earth would I want to run out and buy an overpriced dinosaur like bluray when I can now just download HDTV movies on my computer and broascast them wirelessly to my nice Samsung flat panel Television, which has a built in wireless receiver??

Bluray player and media are an unnescessary expense.
If your bluray player breaks, its usually an expensive repair, but if my cable modem breaks, the cable company replaces it the next day for free.

And when resolution jumps from 1080P to the next higher resolution as it will, since time marches on, then I can just download the new movies to my collection when they are available.  I WON"T have to replace an old bluray player(that doesn’t record!) and outdated media when the next best thing comes along.


Posted by Joe T.  on  06/16  at  09:06 AM

“Why on earth would I want to run out and buy an overpriced dinosaur like bluray when I can now just download HDTV movies ...”

Because not all of us are pirates.  Some of us prefer to get our content legally.

Posted by Dave C  on  06/17  at  01:41 PM

Looks like Future File is still in his/her/its cave. Its amazing that some one can put so much faith in their computer to provide HD movies. I have done this. The movies are very pixelated/macro-blocked and compressed so enjoy those action scenes.

No one can argue, Blu ray is the best quality HD on the market. It wont be around forever but for now, it is the best that our current screens can show!

No mention on what the cave dweller does if his computer “breaks”. Poor thing. Id rather my movies on a disc than a hard drive any day!

Now, on the other hand, if he was not a social person and wanted to avoid people seeing him at all costs, then using the Internet for movies is a great idea and we thank you for doing this :-)

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