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Update: Pioneer to Quit All Plasma Business
March 07, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Instead of dropping 42-inch sets, the company is going for the whole enchilada.
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Posted by flyers  on  03/07  at  08:09 PM

Hmmm.  So will Pioneer start cranking out high quality LCDs???  Why buy a future Pioneer plasma that is just a re-badged Panny….just buy the Panny and save $$$.

Posted by OhMyGod  on  03/07  at  10:57 PM

Gizmodo had a pretty good article on the subject which stated that according to Pioneer, their Kuro secret is made up of 3 key factors:

1. the filter
2. the processor
3. the panel. 

However, most plasma manufacturers have already adopted Pioneer’s encased plasma cell technology into their panels so the filter and processor will still be more or less exclusive to Pioneer and KURO should live on.

(no I don’t work for Gizmodo)

Posted by Rick  on  03/08  at  04:20 PM

One thing I’ve noticed that the higher the price the greater the quality of plasma screens.

Posted by DH  on  03/09  at  01:31 PM

From what the Pioneer reps are saying is that they still will have plasmas, but they are going to buy the panels from Panny. The freed up space will allow them to get into the LCD market with Sharp. So they seem to be going for a bigger maketshare. The 9Gs are safe. This will start with the 10 gs

Posted by Ricardo James  on  03/09  at  02:12 PM

Wow that’s like HD DVD.  A superior product not winning for whatever reason (in this case market share, product too expensive).

Oh well.

Posted by Joe Calise  on  03/11  at  10:09 AM

It still amazes me, that after all I have seen in this business, companies still continue to go after market share instead of profits.  It always leads to the same results.

No profit = no business!  Plasma did this to itself.

Posted by JD  on  03/11  at  10:34 AM

First Fujitsu and now Pioneer.  It shows that people aren’t really interested in quality as much s getting the cheapest thing they can.

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