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Dialing Up TV on Your Cell Phone
September 26, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
This cell phone TV skeptic turned addict compares Samsung’s Instinct against LG’s Voyager.


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Posted by declan  on  09/26  at  09:58 PM

if your looking for a good phone to watch live tv on. There is only one phone it’s the nokia n96 . It has live digital tv with build in tv programme guides and tivo so you can record the tv shows and news and plug it into you main tv. It is the best phone on the market. It all so has a great gps sat nav which i use all the time when im driving. I hope you found this info helpfull

Posted by motech  on  09/28  at  01:46 PM

the iphone is better because it has an operating system that will outlive the current hardware . . its a platform that can be built upon . . especially by 3rd parties . .

besides that,
for tv on your phone,
try sling . .

they have mobile versions,
and one should be coming out for the iphone sooner then later . .

sprint and verizon are still in the mindset that they can charge an arm and a leg for certain features and keep them very restricted . .

Posted by declan  on  09/28  at  07:24 PM

hi anyone who know’s anything about cell phones knows that the iphone is a piece of crap besides the fact the even the new 3 g iphone is still a few years behind in technology compared to european and asian phones. And every thing that’s on the iphone is stolen from other cell phones like the touch screen youtube the poor excuse of gps and the music phone and is only 3g and it’s only a 2mp camera and the internet doesn’t have javascript or a flash player which you need to see everything on the web. just to name a few. My nokia n96 specs are ten times better than the iphone. So you really need to learn a few things about cell phones before you say anything about them. And as for the sling mobile it’s not that great you need a constant internet connection. The tv in the n96 is being broadcasted straight to the phone no internet and no extra cost. Here’s some phones you should check out. Samsung omnia, samsung i8510, sony ericsson x1, nokia n95, Nokia n96, sony ericsson c905, just to name a few.

Posted by motech  on  09/28  at  07:28 PM

all archaic mobile platforms . .
symbian is crap,
winmo is crap
palm is crap,
blackberyy is great but limited . .

the iphone OS is by far the most powerful mobile OS in the world,
and the only other mobile OS that raises an eyebrow is android.

and show me another phone before the iphone that let you interact with anything the way the iphone does, pinch to zoom, turn phone to rotate web viewing, double tap to zoom, flick up and down to browse.
these features are only now becoming common place, after the iphone brought them to the main stream . .

bottom line is . .
they changed the game. eat it.

Posted by declan  on  09/29  at  08:37 PM

ha ha your funny. You obviously paid a few dollars for that iphone and you were a cell phone virgin before that.  I’ve had the best cell phones that money can buy for the past 15 years while you were still using a beeper. I have 14 cell phones and i also bought my wife the iphone when it came out. And did i not tell you that the internet does not work on the iphone no flash player and no javascript. And as for the touch screen i have friends who have to replace their iphone every couple of months because the screen keeps on breaking.. And can you explain to me why it’s got a crappy 2mp camera ITS so out dated. Trust me i know alot more about cell phones than you do. Your not a true tecy. Your just an iphone yuppie

Posted by motech  on  09/30  at  03:08 PM

ive had many symbian phones, win mobile phones, etc . .
they all suck.

my iphone can control all the lighting in my house, control my music distribution system (including activating and deactivating zones), it can sync wirelessly with my filemaker pro database, i can vnc in to any computer, it can even control crestron systems . . the list goes on and on . .

but i see im wasting my time with you . .
you dont understand what power means.

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