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Toshiba’s 55-inch Glasses-free 3D Now $11K
December 08, 2011 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
You can buy the only autostereoscopic 55-inch 3D TV now, but only in Japan.
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Posted by Andrew Magann  on  12/08  at  06:09 PM

How many faces can it actually track?
Also, full Aperture 4K is 4096 × 3112…Not a big deal but, the 3D resolution on this TV is actually 720p.

Posted by Extreme Kahuna  on  12/09  at  11:58 AM

Yea and even if it could track more than one it would be able to adjust to more than one at a time.

Posted by Extreme Kahuna  on  12/09  at  12:15 PM

oops - wouldn’t be able*

Posted by Brian Sien  on  12/09  at  01:38 PM

Patience is a virtue, I’ll wait and pay 1/10 of the cost.  Even if this set doesn’t reach the US, another one with similar capabilities will.  For now, I’ll suffer with my 58” Plasma :)

Posted by lotusguy  on  12/10  at  01:56 AM

>>Not a big deal but, the 3D resolution on this TV is actually 720p. <<

Don’t be so sure of that. 3D resolution is not as straightforward as you think.  Read Dr. Soneira’s discussion of active vs. passive 3D TVs at

Posted by Extreme Kahuna  on  12/10  at  09:34 AM

>>Dr. Soneira<<
Dr. Soneira’s logic is wrong you don’t increase the horizontal resolution because you see it with two eyes.

Posted by lotusguy  on  12/10  at  02:53 PM

Not wishing to be pedantic EK, but Dr. Soneira is a very well-respected expert in all types of displays and their properties. He is the CEO of a company which produces display measuring software that is used world wide. What are your credentials?

Posted by Extreme Kahuna  on  12/10  at  03:24 PM


I hold a P.H.D. as well, but it doesn’t take a college education to understand this. How is that not pedantic? Because I say his theory is flawed you question my intelligence? Even if his theory was correct and the 720 somehow turned into 1440 (i’m simplifying) then the 1080 display would be 2160. You can’t say resolution has no bearing because it does, it will be more noticable as displays get bigger. I believe that is all Andrew was pointing out.

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