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Toshiba Vows to Stick With HD DVD
January 07, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Despite Warner’s decision to go exclusively Blu-ray, Toshiba insists HD DVD is alive and well.
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Posted by flood  on  01/07  at  06:17 PM

What happened to the picture of the goat originally on this story?

Posted by gustavo  on  01/11  at  03:09 PM

I meant GO, GO, GO.  HD-DVD all the way!

Posted by HD-DVD is Dead  on  01/11  at  03:26 PM

It is about time the better technology wins.  I was thrilled to see that Warner sided with Blu-ray.  The HD-DVD camp can say what they want but when retail stores either reduces or stops selling their players all together then it won’t matter what Toshiba exec’s say.  Now maybe I can start getting some of the great movies that were on HD-DVD to start coming out on Blu-ray.

Posted by Walt  on  01/13  at  03:09 PM

It is sad that the better designed HD DVD format is loosing.  Blu-ray is still struggling to find itself with releasing half-baked specs, like 1.0, then 1.1, and soon 2.0.

The reality, is that HD DVD has sold more players, far more players, than Blu-ray.  HD DVD players are roughly 1/2 the price of their Blu-ray counterparts.  I mean, when have you seen a Blu-ray player being advertised for $100 to $150??

Too bad the movie studios, all movie studios, simply can’t offer their potential customers both formats, and leave it entirely up to the customer to choose.

Posted by Ryan  on  01/13  at  07:03 PM

better designed? ha, those hd discs skip with minor scratches.  Also HD dvd has not sold anywhere near the amount as Blu Ray players, and yes I am including the PS3.  I bought the PS3 primarily for movies, as a bunch of other people I know.  If there are more HD DVD players out there then you guys must be too cheap to buy the movies, which is why all the studios are switching to the format that has more software sold.

Posted by Will  on  01/13  at  10:09 PM

Blu-Ray has only sold twice as much media because they have more companies backing them and only putting out movies on Blu-Ray.  Go to any store that sells both formats, and count the releases…  You’ll notice Blu-Ray has 2-1 available movies over HD.  HD is the better format,  and Sony is known for formats that fall through.  Beta, Mini-disc, UMD, Memory Stick(Scraped by almost all but sony), not to mention they had their hands involved in a seperate version of the original DVD format that fell through.  If I were to go to the store and buy every HD DVD and every Blu-Ray, I would have bought twice as much Blu-Ray because that’s all that’s available.  My vote is for HD DVD.

Posted by Mark  on  01/14  at  12:27 PM

Yes, this is the “writing on the wall” for HD DVD. The format war is over and Blu-Ray won…why? Because it all boils down to the biggest, fastest and smartest….in this case biggest, since storage size is much greater on Blu-Ray; secondly, smartest…even though HD DVD got a head-start, it was just a matter of time that Blu-Ray caught up (and still is)... etc., etc. I, and many of my friends, got PS3s for the Blu-Ray movie ability.

Posted by Ryan  on  01/14  at  01:39 PM

I also have to say that people also tend to prefer certain brands.  I have never really had great products from Toshiba, and them being the only true hardware maker for HD DVD pretty much kept me from trying it out.  I had one Toshiba DVD player i purchased for my father a couple years so, within a year the tray door would not close on its own, it was swapped with a Denon.  So right then and their I associated Toshiba with crummy quality.

Posted by DaveSmooth  on  01/14  at  03:23 PM

HD will be around for awhile.  Expect increased sales as retailers slash prices.  Also, expect titles to BOGO more often, or drop to SD levels. 

I will pick up an HD player and as many titles as possible when they are inexpensive.  We all know that the discs are quite durable, and there will always be at least one player available in 20 years when the discs are becoming flaky (if at all).

Look, when BluRay is all alone in the marketplace that will be great.  But in the meantime smarter consumers on the fence should take advantage of purchasing equivalent-quality players and titles until they can’t.

Posted by HD-DVD is Dead  on  01/14  at  04:08 PM

Well you are definitely free to do if you like but my opinion is that is a waste of money but if you feel it to be a good deal then by all means have at it.

I can’t see how people think HD-DVD will be around for a long time.  If things stay the way they are HD-DVD people will only get movies from only three studios which limits your possibilities of good HD movie content.  I truely believe the writing is on the walls and Toshiba and everyone else related to them is going to just try a eliminate stock before it is dumped all together.  I also do not think that things will stay the way they are.  The other three studios may stay with HD-DVD for a while but they (like everyone else has) will move to Blu-ray or at least offer their past and future movies in Blu-ray.  Keep in mind that they do not do things out of loyalty but out of what is going to get them the most profit and right now that is only going to happen with Blu-ray.

Posted by whitestar16  on  01/23  at  11:00 PM

More anti-HD-DVD rhetoric from Electronic House.

The studio split is 70:30 with Sony continuing to lose money. The 70:30 doesnt start until May of course. IN anycase, its either dual format players or internet Hi Def streaming. Blu Ray hasnt actually won anything yet, except a whole lotta hype.

Posted by Gene Trumbo  on  01/24  at  05:53 PM

All this talk about the demise of HD DVD is just silly.  How many Walmart shoppers are going to buy a Blu-ray player for twice the price of an HD DVD machine?  Current Blu-ray buyers are early adopters who are not terribly price-sensitive.  They are not the masses.
    HD DVD has been in development for 10 years.  Blu-ray development was started later and was rushed to market in a half-baked specification condition.
    HD DVD has many advantages that will become obvious as prices come down and production is ramped up.
    I’m reminded of how wrong the TV pundits are about who is the front-runner in the Presidential race.  In a year, I suspect it will be Blu-ray that is the emperor who is wearing no clothes.

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